Title: God of the Moon

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: S+

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Tsukuyomi Guide

Tsuku is a frequent winner in the SPL. Something to think about.

Tsukuyomi is a fantastic aggressive assassin in SMITE with high damage, chase potential and playmaking ability. In the early game, focus on clearing the wave efficiently using your shuriken (1) and basic attacks. At level 2, if you hit the whole wave and the enemy god with your crescent strike (2), you’ll have kill pressure. Look for early fights since Tsukuyomi hits hard and fast.

In the jungle, gank often and aggressively. Your damage and mobility allows you to secure kills easily. Build power and penetration, and consider critical strike. In the solo lane, clear quickly and bully your opponent. You can proxy farm at level 5 by clearing the wave behind their tower, forcing them to lose gold and experience. Build hybrid defensive and power items. For middle lane, only choose Tsukuyomi into late game mages you can shut down early.

Using your shuriken (1) through walls gives insane gank setup. Blink in, throw your shuriken through a wall, hit them with a cresent strike, ultimate and chase them with shadow step (3). In teamfights, dive the backline damage dealers like mages and hunters. Your shadow step provides movement speed to dive effectively. Ult multiple enemies for maximum impact. Save your shuriken to finish escaping enemies or continue chasing through walls.

Your role as Tsukuyomi is to eliminate enemies. Don’t just use your ultimate for damage, time it to secure kills or turn teamfights in your favor. Help your support secure objectives and in early engagements. In the midgame, gank the duo lane and secure the gold fury. Late game, either kill the fire giant or siege towers. Bait objectives to start fights because your damage is devastating.

Clear waves with your shuriken (1) and poke with crescent strike (2). All in at level 2. Proxy farm in the solo lane at level 5. Gank duo lane for gold fury in the midgame. Bait the fire giant late game to fight. Blink and shuriken through walls for ganks. Focus the backline with your ultimate in teamfights. Save your shuriken for chasing or escaping. Help your support early. Eliminate enemies. Deal high damage while chasing and dominate the jungle or solo lane. Build power and penetration in the jungle, hybrid defense and power in the solo lane.

In summary, Tsukuyomi provides damage, chase potential and playmaking. Play aggressively early, especially in the solo lane and jungle. Look for kills at level 2. Abuse your mobility and damage for ganks and in teamfights. Focus key targets like mages and hunters. Secure objectives or bait enemies into fights nearby. Dominate from the jungle or solo lane. Build damage and defense as needed for your role. Master Tsukuyomi’s combos and dominate in the SPL. Overall, Tsukuyomi is a strong aggressive pick perfect for closing out kills or carrying from the jungle. With practice, you’ll excel and climb ranked with this devastating assassin.

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