Title: the Lawgiver

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Defense, Medium Crowd Control

Tyr Guide

As Tyr, focus on solo laning in the early game. Your goal is to outclear the other solo laner as soon as possible so you can aggress on them. Start with your fearless ability to clear the wave quickly. Once you have lane pressure, look for plucks with your defensive stance power cleave to set up kills for your jungler. If you get ahead in solo lane, proxy farm behind the enemy T1 to deny XP and get ahead even further. Build tanky with some damage like warrior tabi, breastplate of valor, and void shield. This allows you to dive the backline in late game teamfights.

In team comps, I like playing Tyr in the solo lane or as a bruiser in the jungle. As a solo laner, the tanky build allows you to dive the backline in late game teamfights. As a jungler, you have more flexibility to build damage and pressure mid lane. Look for blink+fearless ganks on the enemy mid for easy kills. Secure every objective and contest every buff. Help your jungler to secure buffs and gank when your ult is down. While your damage may fall off late game, your early pressure allows you to gain lane control to win games.

For abilities, your fearless combo is essential. Blink or walk up to the enemy, fearless them into your team or tower, then instantly switch stances and power cleave them further. This displacement wins teamfights. In laning, use power cleave to clear waves and poke. Save your ult for escaping ganks or chasing kills. Your ult knocks up so use it to disrupt enemies and secure objectives like GF or FG.

Your role as Tyr is to disrupt teamfights and pressure sidelines. Look for fearless combos on the enemy damage dealers and mages, then zone them from the fight. Proxy farm and split push when your ult is down.Help your jungler secure buffs and contest every objective. Your early pressure wins games.

Using Tyr’s abilities together (the “fearless cleave combo”) is key to mastery. Blink in, fearless an enemy into your team or tower, stance switch and cleave them further. This combo displacement wins teamfights. Tyr’s ult is great for securing objectives or escaping dire situations.

The solo lane is where Tyr excels most in team comps, building tanky with some damage. As a jungler, Tyr brings early gank pressure and mid camp control. Overall, farm fast, build tanky, and make big plays with your combo to carry as the lawbringer Tyr!

With practice, you’ll be disrupting teamfights and terrorizing the battlefield as a pro Tyr player in no time. His versatile kit and impactful combo allow you make huge plays. Follow these tips to farm fast, build effectively, and combo flawlessly to master Tyr and ascend to the level of a SMITE pro.

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