Title: Hidden Jaguar Sun

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C

Pros: High Single Target Damage, Medium Area Damage

Xbalanque Guide

As Xbalanque, focus on farming in the early game. His abilities don’t come online until later, so avoid unnecessary fights and poke the enemy ADC/Support when possible with dArts but don’t commit unless your Support initiates or you get a clear advantage. Buy Transcendence first for the mana and power spike. Your goal is to stack Transcendence as fast as possible, so clear minion waves efficiently. Once stacked, you’ll have supremacy potential with your Support.

Xbalanque excels in the ADC role. He functions best with a Support who can set up kills for him to secure with dArts, like Ymir or Athena. When your team needs more CC, a Support like Geb or Kumbhakarna pairs well. Xbalanque can flex to Mid if needed, but avoid Solo or Jungle. As a late-game hypercarry, having a tanky frontline is ideal. If your team lacks initiation or peel, build hide of the urchin earlier for some bulk.

In teamfights, focus whoever your Support CCs or zones their backline after they engage. Save your escape (dash) unless absolutely needed. Your main combo is dashing through enemies, hitting them with your 2 (venomous dArts), auto attacking them a couple times which applies your poisons, then finishing with your 3 (branching bolas) for max damage. This combo dominates squishies and pressures their frontline.

Secure objectives like Gold Fury and Fire Giant with your ult (Darkest of Nights). The blindness provides cover for your team to burst it down. Drop the objective to just below half health, pop your 2 for the extra power, then ult and burn it while they can’t contest. Using the ult this way wins many matches!

As Xbalanque, your role is hypercarry ADC. Farm safely early, stack Transcendence, then provide high dps in fights. Look for picks with your Support in the mid-game, push objectives after winning fights in the late game. Communicate with your Support and Mid to coordinate rotations and ganks. Let your frontline engage first before diving in. Your high damage plus CC immunity on your 2 makes you a priority target, so fight from the backline. Kite enemies chasing you while your team peels, using your dash and 3.

Your passive also provides global vision through wards, so ward constantly and call out missing enemies and objectives for your team. Strong vision control and communication is key to success as Xbalanque. Play with your team, not as an individual, for the victory!

Build Transcendence, Warrior Tabi, Asi, Qins, Titan’s Bane and Odysseus’ Bow. This provides power, pen, attack speed, and life steal. Upgrade your 2 first for the bonus damage, follow with your 1 for lower cooldowns and mobility. Level your 3 last, popping it mainly to finish off enemies or for objective secure. With this build and ability order, you’ll reign supreme late game.

Constantly check other lanes for gank opportunities when your wave is cleared. As a hypercarry, securing kills gives you a lead to dominate the rest of the match. Rotate to Mid harpies and Gold Fury whenever your wave is pushed up. Don’t miss a single minion though, as farming is still key! Help your Support ward Fire Giant, Gold Fury and enemy buffs. Vision wins games.

In summary, Xbalanque is a late-game powerhouse. Farm safely early, stack Transcendence fast then coordinate with your Support to dominate teamfights. Look for picks to gain a lead. Secure objectives with your ult to get ahead. Build power and pen, level your 2 and 1 first. Ward constantly, rotate when possible and communicate well. Play smart, not reckless.

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