Xing Tian

Xing Tian

Title: The Relentless

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Crowd Control

Xing Tian Guide

Xing Tian is a solid pick for Solo lane. His sustain and ability to bully enemies in lane with his Whirlwind of Rage and Steel (WRaS – max it first) give him an advantage. Play safe till level 3, then look for opportunities to harass with WRaS. Try baiting enemies into tower range so you can fearless charge them under tower. His passive allows him to stay in lane longer, use it! Xing needs to snowball, if behind build tanky and look to ult enemy damage dealers in teamfights.

Xing works best in a defensive team comp as the main initiator and frontline. Pair him with healing supports like Aphrodite or Hel. His ult synergizes well with mages that have high AOE damage like Zeus or Poseidon. Look to ult squishy enemies or peel for your damage dealers. Xing struggles against high mobility comps as he has no hard CC outside his ult, so avoid picking him into Serqet or Neith.

To gank as Xing, look for overextended enemies. Blink towards them, WRaS to damage and slow, then ult to throw towards your tower or teammates. This combo deletes squishies! In teamfights, blink initiate with your ult, preferably on their damage dealers. Then WRaS and fearless charge priority targets your team calls out. His 2 provides damage mitigation so you can tank objectives like the Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Use it when securing or contesting objectives.

As Xing you are the initiator and frontline for your team. Build tanky (health, protections, CDR) and dive the enemy backline. Look to get picks with your ult, then have your team collapse. Peel for your damage dealers in fights with WRaS’s slow and fearless charge. Xing’s ult is also great for objective secure/steals use it to throw enemies away from objectives. Call the shots as the tank, let your team know when to engage and disengage. Xing creates opportunities through CC and disruption, enabling his team to get kills and objectives.

Xing’s abilities allow for creative plays. You can ult+blink for surprise ganks. You can also ult enemies over walls most people don’t expect. His 2 reduces damage so you can tank objectives like the Gold Fury or Fire Giant with it, then throw enemies away with his ult for easy secures.

Xing Tian also works well in Joust and Arena. In Joust, level your 1 and 2 first for wave clear and sustain. Look to poke enemies with your 1, then all-in at level 5 with your ult. Build tanky with high CDR and relics like blink and shell. In Arena, max your 1 and ult first. Use blink to blink ult enemies into your team, then slow and bodyblock with your 1 and 2. Build full CDR and tank to iniate for your team.

Xing Tian creates opportunities for his team through CC and tankiness. Mastering how to effectively use his kit, build, and relics based on mode and team comp separates good Xing Tian players from great ones. Practice landing multi-man ults, timing his damage mitigation, and peeling for allies. Xing may struggle against high mobility gods but in the right hands can be an unstoppable force. This tubby storm hulk enforces his will through disruption, paving the way to victory for his allies.

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