Yu Huang

Yu Huang

Title: The Jade Emperor

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: S+

Pros: High Area Damage

Yu Huang Guide

To start, Yu Huang should be in the solo lane during the laning phase. Focus on clearing the wave efficiently with your 1 and 3 abilities while poking the enemy solo laner. Once you hit level 5, look for an opportunity to all-in with your ultimate. Try to bait out their escape ability first before popping your ult. Your passive shields and self-heal will keep you healthy through most trades. Play safe until level 5, then look to pressure your opponent with your full combo.

As for team positions, Yu Huang excels in the solo lane where they can dominate most matchups, but they can also function as a support or jungler. In the solo lane, build hybrid damage and defense items like Runeforged Hammer and Breastplate of Valor to become an unkillable threat with solid damage. As a support, max your 3 for the protections and build full tank items like Gauntlet of Thebes and Heartward Amulet. In the jungle, build hybrid damage and defense again, with items like Bumba’s Hammer and Ancile, to set up ganks with your ultimate. Yu Huang fits into most team comps thanks to their flexibility across multiple roles.

For abilities, use your 1 to clear waves and poke from a distance. Your 2 provides mobility allowing you to engage or disengage quickly. Your 3 grants protections and bonus movement speed to yourself and allies in an area, so use it in teamfights or when taking objectives to boost your team’s defenses. Your ultimate fears and silences enemies, so it is best used on squishy enemies or to peel for your allies. Look for opportunities to fear enemies into your tower or your ally’s abilities. With practice, you can time your ultimate to chain fear enemies.

In teamfights, Yu Huang wants to disrupt and control enemies to win the battle. Use your 3 on allies before the fight starts to grant protections. Blink in and ult a squishy target like a mage or hunter, then peel for your damage dealers with your 1, 2 and 3. Bodyblock enemy abilities with your shield from your passive to mitigate damage. Secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant by tanking the damage with your 3 and ulting anyone who tries to contest.

Yu Huang is a dominant god in SMITE when played properly. Master their versatile kit, build effectively for your role and utilize their array of crowd control to disrupt enemies. With experience, you’ll be securing victory for your team and climbing the ranks as a top Yu Huang player.

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