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The Best Keyblades in All of the Main Kingdom Hearts Series | Gaming Tier List

The Best Keyblades in All Three of the Main Kingdom Hearts Series

If you've ever played a KH game before you'll know about the Ultima weapon, objectively the best Keyblade in the game, but what about the rest of them?

Have you ever had that one person that always stole the spotlight from everyone else? That one kid in class that was smart, popular, would always speak the loudest and be the first to answer the teachers’ question? Or have you ever felt like you weren’t the favorite child and your parents would pass you over in favor of the other kid? Well, now you know how it feels to be a Keyblade in any Kingdom Hearts game. The Ultima weapon has always been….. well the ultimate weapon, while there are other Keyblades that have better strength or magic the Ultima is always the perfect mix of the two. So in an effort to help out all of the quiet kids of the world I am making a Keyblade tier list specifically without any of the Ultima weapons. I will preface this by saying that these are from the “.5” editions of the games only, not all blades are exclusively from them, but a few are so I wanted to make sure that was known beforehand. The Keyblades will be the best in Strength and Magic from each game only if it tied with another Keyblade in the same stat then the other stat would determine the winner. So without further ado, the best of the rest in all of the main Kingdom Hearts games

Kingdom Hearts 1.5

So the winner of the Strength category in KH 1.5 is the Divine Rose Keyblade! With a shocking amount of power that still doesn’t stack up to this games Ultima weapon, DR comes in at a whopping 13 Strength. While it contributes nothing to the magic who cares when you’re smacking Heartless around with this (ironically enough) beastly weapon. The way to get it is fairly simple, after sealing the keyhole in Hollow Bastion speak to Belle in the Library and you’ll get this impressive “Beauty and the Beast” inspired blade.

Now for the Magic category, we have the Lady Luck Keyblade! This Final Mix exclusive weapon adds 2 to your magic bar which may not seem like much now but for the original KH was huge, essentially stacking extra damage to your spells while also adding two spell uses to your arsenal. If it will give you any perspective LL matches the Ultima blade Magic for Magic, so hopefully that shows you that this Lady Luck is as much of a force to be reckoned with as the real thing. This Keyblade is another one that is easy to miss after you defeat Riku for the first time at Hollow Bastion and gain the ability to perform White Trinities return to Wonderland and activate the Trinity hidden in the Lotus Forest.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5

Now the trend of beating the Ultima in pure strength continues with our KH 2.5 winner the Fenrir blade, a notoriously strong Keyblade that you can only get from an equally notorious boss fight. the power is undeniable here with 7 Strength beating the Ultima weapons 6 Strength but to get it you have to be Sephiroth the Final Fantasy character turned absolutely punishing KH boss. The fight isn’t even unlocked until just before the final fight of the game but this blade is oh so worth it.

Now the Magic Keyblades finally have their day with the winner of the Magic category Winner’s Proof with the ridiculously high count of 7 Magic far outpacing the Ultima weapons 4 magic and even the second best Magic Keyblade Fatal Crest which only has 5 Magic. The trade-off for the extra magic is the fact that you receive zero experience while using WP and the method to obtain it is pretty tough too. To get this magic monster you have got to pass all of the trials of the Mushroom XIII and good luck with that, the Mushrooms are hidden all across KH2 and have some pretty tough challenges attatched to them, there’s a reason you need proof of your victory here.

Kingdom Hearts 3

So this is the game that makes this list really tough because which Keyblade from KH 3 is the best is preference based but because I am trying to be objective on this list I have to concede to fact. That is why the Nano Gear Keyblade takes the top spot for Strength on our list, at a solid 10 Strength when maxed out this still doesn’t come close to the Ultimas crazy 13 but that doesn’t mean this is a Keyblade to overlook. What makes this Keyblade interesting is its ability to use different moves from other Keyblade combos and mashes them all together without using a third combo set. While my personal pick would be the aptly named Favorite Deputy but it doesn’t have the power that Nano Gear has so our Big Hero 6 inspired Keyblade keeps the crown. Speaking of which the way to get this Keyblade is completing the Big Hero 6 world towards the end of the game, simple enough right?

And finally rounding out our list the Keyblade with the highest magic in the whole game including the Ultima weapon and that is the Classic Tone Keyblade. Clocking in at 14 Magic this classic Disney inspired Keyblade features two form changes, from an appropriately cartoonish hammer to a clock based drill, with the hammer doing lots of damage but at a slower speed and the drill being excellent at doing lots of damage to one target.

So those are the best Keyblades from all three main series Kingdom Hearts games. If you think we overlooked your favorite Keyblade and should give this list another shot? Let us know!

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