The Division 2 World Tier 5 Complete Guide to Gear and Updates

World tier 5 is almost here. Check out this guide to stay up to date on the latest details.

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Massive Entertainment has seemingly improved upon many of the shortcomings experienced in The Division with the series’ recent sequel. With The Division 2 now in full swing, players are taking to the game’s dark zone to wrack up the best loot in preparation for the title’s end game content. With that in mind, check out our guide down below to make sure you’re ready for Massive Entertainment’s upcoming The Division 2 end game update.

End Game Overview

After completing the main campaign within The Division 2, the player is introduced to an entire new world of gameplay. After beating the game, the player can experience the dark zone, a PvE and PvP wasteland of violence and chaos. Beyond that, the player is introduced to the exciting world tiers of loot. For a detailed guide on what to do in The Division 2 after completing the game’s campaign, check out our guide here.

There are currently four world tiers within The Division 2. Each world tier is unlocked by earning a gear score quota, completing a small number of post-campaign missions against The Black Tusk and taking over a particular stronghold.

After unlocking a new world tier, the player will be able to enter the dark zone while using a new, tougher difficulty setting. The tougher difficulty comes equipped with a higher maximum gear score, allowing the player a chance to progress their character.

While world tier four currently allows players the ability to earn gear scores over 400, a new higher world tier is just around the corner.

World Tier 5

The final world tier for The Division 2 will be included within the upcoming Tidal Basin update, which is set to release April 5, 2019. There are, however, quite a few important details to consider concerning the ensuing update.

Tidal Basin is the name of the new Black Tusk stronghold that will be introduced within the update. The player will have to take over this well-defended position if they want to reach the new world tier.

As reported by, the stronghold will be roughly the size of Roosevelt Island and will come equipped with a preliminary mission that the player will first have to complete. Beyond that, you will need a whopping total gear score of 425 in order to clear the stronghold.

After earning the necessary gear score, clearing the preliminary mission and taking control of the Tidal Basin stronghold, you will be introduced to the highly coveted world tier 5. World tier 5 will raise the gear score cap to 500, allowing players the chance to greatly improve their characters. You will have to activate the brand new heroic difficult after earning world tier 5 in order to up your chances of receiving high-end loot.

Beyond that, the upcoming update will also introduce gear sets. Three gear sets have been confirmed upon launch of the update, which have been labeled Ongoing Directive, Hard Wired, and True Patriot. Details concerning the three gear sets have yet to be disclosed.

Each gear set will offer the player a unique ability or boost to their stats as a reward for equipping each and every piece of a gear set.

Weekly Invasions

Another new feature set to be introduced by the upcoming update will be weekly invasions. When the player completes one of these missions for the first time in the week, they will be awarded a bonus reward. However, the player can replay weekly invasions throughout the week.

At the end of the week, the weekly invasion missions will be reset and the player will once again be eligible for an additional reward bonus. As these missions can reportedly be played on any difficulty, they will likely be great sources of high-end loot when played on heroic difficulty.

How to Get the Best Gear

With the upcoming world tier update now nearly here, it is important to know exactly how you can make the most out of your gear score. Here’s how to get better loot in The Division 2.

Dark Zone Chests

The number one way to increase your gear score and get better loot is to take full advantage of the game’s dark zone chests. The dark zone is littered with chests that require dark zone keys or lockpicking to open. To learn how to find dark zone keys, check out our guide here.

The dark zone chests are shared by all of the server’s players, so make sure to nab them before your competition does. A map of dark zone chest locations may be viewed down below.

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Hold on to Your High Level Gear

Sometimes lower level gear will actually be better than a higher level alternative. That being said, you should always hold on to your high level loot.

The Division 2 will determine what level loot to randomly drop based on what loot is in your stash and what loot you currently have equipped. The higher level loot you have equipped and in your stash, the higher level loot you will get in random drops.

SHD Tech Caches

SHD Tech caches are quite useful for any loot hungry player. Upon reaching a safe house, the area’s map will be revealed to you. Among other things, the location of each nearby SHD Tech cache will then be consequently revealed.

It is best to save these caches for when you are ready to obtain 500 gear score equipment, as you can not farm these caches repeatedly. However, these caches can be great loot sources once you are ready to cap out your gear.

Supply Rooms

Control points will present themselves throughout The Division 2’s campaign. Complete every one of them.

With every captured control point, you will also unlock a new supply room. Each supply room contains multiple chests, each filled with potentially useful or at least valuable loot.

Every 24 hours these supply rooms with resupply. Consequently, you can farm supply rooms for loot every single day. This time consuming tactic yields a small chance of providing truly high level gear. However, this is a great way to quickly farm parts for crafting and for money.

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