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Top 5 Tanks in World of Tanks for Newcomers | Gaming Tier List

Top 5 Tank Lines in World of Tanks for Newcomers

Are you just starting World of Tanks? Are you confused? Frustrated? Well we're here to help with a simplified Tank system to help you out

Starting to get into World of Tanks now can be intimidating, information flows at you like a raging river right and it can get kinda hard to make the crucial decisions, especially the choice of which nation of Tanks to call your own. The decision of which tank line to start with is as much an important one as it is a long-lasting one, with you having to get to tier 10 with a nation before moving on to another which requires a lot of hours, or money, to do. So if you are feeling lost and don’t know which tank line to pick we’re here to help.

5. Italian

Here is a fun fact for newcomers to WoT, a game mechanic is bouncing off shots, and there is hardly a better line for that than the Italian track. Basically the WoT’s glass cannon, the Italian line focuses on mobility and firepower over armor, but they make up for that with their ability to deflect shots, so it evens out a lot. That’s also supported by the fact that all of the tanks are medium and light class so their durability is low, but it is still a solid first pick even if they seem a little complex.

4. British

From the Fast and Furious to the slow but steady wins the race, the British are here on our list. Unlike the Italians, the British tanks mostly focus on slower-moving but more armored tanks that still pack a surprising amount of mobility in there. Many of the medium tank lines here follow that same idea of slower but can take a punch for the later tiers while the earlier tanks provide a similar philosophy of the quick and deadly approach, favoring speed and power over armor. However, the heavy tanks are the opposite, with slow lumbering beginnings with fast and flexible ends providing an impressive spread for a newbie to explore.

3. German

If you want to talk about iconic, the German tanks are probably the most recognizable in the game and for a good reason. The thick armor, big guns, and massive size are appropriate because a majority of the tanks in the German line are medium to heavy tanks with stats to match the armor. The sheer variety of tanks is more than enough reason for any newbie to pick these lines not to mention the fact that Germany was one of the two original nations when WoT started so the amount of tweaking and polish that was given to the just them makes them ideal for a first pick.

2. Russian

Speaking of original nations, the Russians were introduced along with the Germans in the very beginnings of WoT and remain a top choice for just about anyone but especially for newbies. It’s hard to find anything too terribly wrong with Russian tank lines from their high armor and attack power to their medium tanks with high turret armor and damage it is hard to compete. Even with the lower mobility, they don’t feel too ridiculously slow so there is barely anything missed in a tank from the motherland but there is just a little something missing which makes it lose to our top spot here.

1. American

It’s hard to argue against the Russian tank lines, but ironically enough the American tank lines manage to defeat the Slovak assault. What makes the American tank line so perfect for up and coming tank killers is the staggering amount of flexibility in their tanks with them being the very embodiment of “Jack-of-all-trades.” This philosophy provides a perfect place for a new player to experiment with what they like and how to play and to change up tank styles to have some fun out on the battlefield.

So, those are our top picks for World of Tanks newcomers, feel like I’m wrong? Have your own opinion on the subject? Make your voice heard in the comments!

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