What is #leagueoflegendsut (Explained)

So recently across social media you can find the following post from the official Riot and League of Legend’s accounts:

Is it a new game? Is it new skins in the game? Does it have something to do with Wild Rift? Well the answer is actually quite simpler than it appears. #leagueoflegendsut is an upcoming clothing collab with a popular clothing brand and the image showcases a likely sample of one of the shirts.

What Exactly Does LeagueofLegendsUT mean?

Uniqlo is the clothing brand that they’re collaborating with. You can see their logo on the top left of the photo and the shirt is likely a K/D/A collab that’s coming soon with Uniqlo. Previous LoL collabs included fashion house Louis Vuitton. Therefore it’s no surprise that they’re collabing with another major clothing brand for their K/D/A brand.

So then the question is what does the UT stand for? Well that’s actually a brand of graphic tees that Uniqlo releases, often with collabs with other anime / manga / pop culture brands. You can see an example of their Ultraman collection below:

There you have it. It confused me at first as well, but it took me a minute to figure everything out. So in summary, they will be releasing a collab with clothing brand Uniqlo, under their UT brand shirts. Sizes range from XXS to 3XL and will likely be coming soon. Considering LoL isn’t on their upcoming page just yet, it may be awhile.

No other details are available right now. If you see this on social media don’t worry, it’s not a new game or a patch or anything, just merch!

Fun fact, a lot of the Uniqlo collabs are also shared with other brands. Like a Keith Haring did a collab with Uniqlo and Coach (an American fashion house), along with Jean-Michel Basquiat who reimagined Coach’s rexy in his own style. So pretty neat.

We likely will see more gaming crossovers with fashion and hype brands, like BAPE with the recent Razer and SecretLab.

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