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“Yoshi’s Crafted World” Looks Hype

Mario's trusty pal is back in action.

Towards the end of this month, Yoshi’s Crafted World will be released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch. I’m not sure how, but I literally just heard about this game for the first time the other day. I saw gameplay footage on YouTube, and I have to say, this game looks pretty hype.

Yoshi is one of my favorite Mario characters. He is a loyal, trusty pal and he deserves to have the spotlight on him now and then. In addition to being one of my favorite captains in Mario Baseball, Yoshi also happens to have some cool abilities that are fun to play around with and explore. Yoshi is an absolute speed demon, he can stay in the air for while with his jump, and his tongue and egg-making abilities make him a real threat to any enemy. He’s not one to mess around with.

The last game I played that had Yoshi as the main protagonist was Yoshi’s Island, where Yoshi had to reunite Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Yoshi’s Crafted World takes elements of that gameplay, such as his egg tossing skills, and expounds upon that in 3-D side-scrolling fashion. The game is played with one or two players, and each stage can be completed forwards and backward on the flip side as well with different objectives. There are plenty of secrets and collectibles to find along the way, and plenty of objects to interact with on each level. Check out some gameplay below to see what I mean.
Yoshi is back baby!

Another thing about this game is the visual aspect. This game looks sick. I love the texture of Yoshi and the background. Yoshi appears fuzzy, and it works well in my opinion. I find myself in awe of the background of the levels. Everything visually pops in this game. Nintendo has done a tremendous job with the look and feel, and the physics look smooth as well. The interactions with the environment are a great touch, and I think this game will take up lots of time and energy from Mario fans of all ages.

I’m surprised that I haven’t heard much about this game. I feel like commercials will be hitting tv stations real soon. This game should have more buzz about it, because it is a great concept that looks visually amazing. I think this game will bring joy to many Nintendo fans and will deliver hours upon hours of fun.

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