Final Fantasy VII: Remake


The Internet is ravenous for something to be conflicted about and right now it’s the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Why? Because it’s apparent that Square Enix is going in another direction with FF7. The recent trailer shows a different game than FF7, something that looks to be real time action based vs. turn based like the original. It also shows cutscenes from the original that diverse greatly from how they looked in the original. To put it simply, Final Fantasy VII: Remake won’t be a remastered version of FF7 but instead a remade one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df0YG3qfZ8E Is this bad? I mean, look at StarCraft: Remastered. It’s like, an okay game right. The graphics are a bit easier on the eyes. It’s nice. Just sort of nice. Blizzard did a super careful job of keeping it the same game, just with prettier graphics and working out of the box in Windows 10.…