Idle Skilling


Here’s twenty hot tips for Idle Skilling to kick start your adventure or break through barriers in this free to play incremental idle game. Move through a world of abstract pixel art quickly and get those sweet Idleon rewards fast. We’ve got five tips for each of the four categories: getting started, first ascensions, first rebirth and making it to the end game. They did remove the character from the main world in Idleon, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get the reward. Getting StartedAscension – Start of Mid-GameRebirth – Start of End GameEnd Game Tips Getting Started You’ll want to get some gems ASAP. If you want to go fast you’ll have to pay to play. Sad truth here, but if you throw the starting gem pack at the game you’re going to zoom through the start very quickly with just double AP, the infinity forge and a…