Killroy’s Slaughterhouse is a feature in world 2 of Legends of Idleon. It’s a feature that provides class locked rooms that allow you to farm a seemingly unlimited wave of enemies in exchange for skulls, which can be spent inside of the skull shop. Killroy Basics As any town character that’s not hidden, they’re rather easy to find. Killroy is on a stack of skulls to the left of the alchemy pot. What Does “Enter Fight” Do and When Does it Reset? Enter Fight allows you to enter the fight where you can farm skulls. It’ll show you the class, seen below: As you can see here, it’s locked to the Archer class. The room reset timer is displayed below. Each week a different class and enemy is chosen. In this instance, it’s the wood boards. Killroy’s Shop The following items are for sale: Random Time Candies (1hr, 4hr, 12hr)…