2023 Review Update: Still using the keycaps purchased in 2021. No impact so far to them. They’ve not discolored and still function fine. There’s a new trend in the mechanical keyboard world known as pudding keys, which are not taking the niche but far more mainstream than it ever was community by storm, but more by a light drizzle. Pudding keycaps are keycaps that include a semi-transparent base to the key that allows RBG light to shine through, giving you more light for each key and a kind of “pudding” effect to the RBG glow of the keyboard. Steelseries has joined the trend with the release of their PrismCaps, a set of pudding keys that work universally for most mechanical keyboards. I purchased my set at Best Buy for $29.99 and got them in about five days after ordering them, due to no local availability. SteelSeries has no involvement in…