Rick and Morty


I can honestly sum this game up in a few quick sentences. Do you love Rick and Morty and don’t mind VR click to teleport mechanics? Then purchase this game – you’ll be happy that you did. It runs great, at least for me on my PC and it’s hilarious. I mean just outright hilarious and somehow, a silly game like this makes choices you make matter more than any other game. Biases: I love Rick and Mortyi5 8600k on a GTX 1080Oculus HMD (Retail)Oculus Touch / DualshockNo review copy supplied. Early on you’re tasked by someone to kill a few enemies who are harassing him. Once you’ve helped him, he grants you the power to double jump. If you go behind him and kill the enemies there, he will freak out and start crying. When you run into him later, he will still be upset with you. The joke…