Sarcasm and satire warning. The mouse better watch out. Its alliance with Square-Enix has taken it to a path where they’re able to use the Disney Princesses’s and the power of the keyblade to push the Marvel Universe forward and have Thanos become a household name. Until now there hasn’t been a great challenger to Disney and it’s empire based around damsels in distress and large purple monsters trying to destroy half the universe. Now Bowser is in control. One thing we know Bowser can do and that’s capture a princess. Kicking Reggie to the curb, Nintendo of America has allied with the one true super power that will take the kingdom of toads to the next dark epoch in the ever expanding war for you to consume media. What’s that in the background…. Day 1 – Largest problem contained. While darkness falls over the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser takes…