Stuck at the last boss of Supraland? Our Farting Meatbag Guide will give you some spoiler free steps and then walk you through what to do. Leading up to the FMB There is a section with two monsters you have to defeat to unlock the FMB. Once unlocked, you head through the pipe. If you have trouble, just have faith in yourself. Use your Force Cube to block them and just keep firing your gun. If you’re too weak, go back and puzzle out some earlier areas for more health and damage. Spoiler Free Tips The fight is a PUZZLE. You do not need to fire your red MacGuffin once. The farting meat bag expels green gas. What happens if you get near it.Remember you can float across metal.Something else can act as a supraball. It just needs to be yellow. The blue bars do not have to be removed.There…