The 90s


Hypnospace Outlaw is a really weird game in the sense that it perfectly captures what the Internet was like back in 1999 in every weird and nostalgic way. Sure the plot is thin and the game is rather short, but the content that exists reminds me so much of the amount of fun cyberspace was back then. In Hypnospace Outlaw you’re an enforcer for some kind of virtual reality dream Internet system that allows users to surf the net while asleep. The entire story of the game is irrelevant though, because ultimately the meat and potatoes is unlocking the various “zones” which remind me ever so much of the days where AOL had themed websites within these categories. I don’t remember the specifics, because I never used AOL a ton but I do remember using it on other computers and other software that tried to emulate that “zoning” or “themed”…