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Limbus Company Best Sinner Identities

Who's the best?

Limbus Company follows Dante and his 12 sinners as they make their way through “The City” to recover Golden Boughs from Lobotomy Corporation offices. In the process, Dante can pull an alternative universe identity in for one of his sinners. In other realities, the sinners all have different lives, some more powerful than their LCCB variants.

One of the nice thing about Limbus Company is that all of the identities are well balanced; the issue is more on resistances and damage types than it is on the actual identities. However, some standout better than others.

Curious about the story of “The City” and the sinners? Check out our story explained for Limbus Company.

What Makes a “Good” ID (Identity)

Each sinner’s kit is determined by their ID. Each ID comes with 3 skills, 2 passives and some other stats. Those skills need to synergize well and in general, Project Moon has done a fantastic job of making sure this happens. Some IDs standout over others, some are kind of avoidable due to all the other better options.

Another note is that starting around 3-4 in Limbus Company you’ll need to pick your sinners and their IDs based on what you’re fighting, along with in later Mirror Dungeons. So while the below are the best, don’t feel you need them to get through the game.

LCB Heathcliff

LCB Heathcliff is a current meta choice due to his overall powerhouse ability to chew through chapter 3. N Corp Kleinhammer or Shi Section 5 Healthcliff is way worse than his LCB variant. You’ll find them in our sinners to avoid list right now.

The One Who Grips Faust

Faust’s N Corp variant is very powerful due to the SP heal on their tier 3 ability and N Corp buffs. She has no bad skills and just nothing bad with her at all. A really great pull if you can get it and worth the ID shards.

LCB Sinclair / Blade Lineage Sinclair

Sinclair’s base form is very popular with three coins for the tier 2 and 3 skills. Blade Lineage works great with EGO.

Kurokumo Wakashu Hong Lu

This 00 should be a 000 with how strong it is. Their damage is just off the chart.

You can upgrade to Tingtang Hong Lu for more damage.

Identities to Avoid

LCB Don Quixote: Very weak skill set, very low damage. Weird coin output.

N Corp Heathcliff / Shi Section 5 Heathcliff: Just worse than his base unit.

Blade Lineage Outis: Like base Don Quixote, their entire kit is confusing and just not worth it.

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