Gaming Tier List is a website owned and operated by Yurika Corporation. It is a culmination of decades of professional game content authors’ work to deliver content that elevates the reader’s understanding of their beloved online games. We want each and every reader of our site to walk away from every article with that spark of knowledge that helps them get to the next level.

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Our Review Philosophy

We say no to review scores.

Gaming Tier List sometimes will review something of interest to our readers: gaming hardware, new releases, new games, older games, gamer drinks, gamer chairs and anything that we feel is of value to the community to share our thoughts on. We do not give anything an official review score.

Review scores are unfair to game developers, unfair to the authors who write them and unfair to the readers. A game that is average should, for all intentions, be rated a 5/10 on a review scale. Yet reviewers are so hesitant to ever give a game a 5/10. There’s often a battle that rages in two arenas: 5/10 to 7/10 and 7/10 to 9.5/10. The scores are heavily weighted to reflect more of a letter grade scale of A B C D and F more-so than they are of a numerical rating scale.

It doesn’t seem something that’s helpful for someone’s purchasing decision; what is valuable is someone else’s experience. That’s why our reviews will only contain the thoughts and opinions of the author and, if they choose, if they were happy with the purchase or advice on who should consider purchasing something; but never a score.

Truth in Content

We pride ourselves on content that is true, accurate and honest regardless of what it means to the website. Our tier lists are all hand crafted by experts and have dates that reflect when they were last updated. We write our guides on the foundation of trust that what we offer to you, the reader, is what you need to help you in your gaming goals. Any editorials, reviews, articles, etc. are all the honest opinions of our staff.

We disclose when we receive something (review keys, review units, etc.) and are more than happy to share how much we love something that we write about. That includes reviews, which may be biased by the author’s love of the genre or series. That includes guides, where our staff are instructed to share their honest thoughts on how to best do something in a game.

We only work with vendors who we feel hold similar standards.

code from gaming tier list
We’ve developed custom code to validate our databases.

Our History

Game Truth & The Truth in Gaming

Originally launched in 2019, Game Truth was developed to share the truth in games. The vision was content that would be raw and honest, direct stream of consciousness style tone and no moderation of the authors. The original focus was on editorial style content but quickly changed when we realized what gamers want, what really helps the most is just simple, to the point and honest guides.

Gaming Tier List

There was something very consistent in Game Truth’s content: guides were impactful. They helped, elevated and delighted our readers. Our tier lists and guides were so well received we made the decision: to rebrand as Gaming Tier List. Gaming Tier List’s mission would be to focus on tier lists and guides for everything in online gaming and eSports.

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We leverage custom backends to make updating our tier lists easy for our staff and allow agility. Our custom SMITE tier list even saves an audit log / change log to keep track of changes in how we rate the Gods on our tier list.

That’s where we are today. We’ve engineered custom software to assist in keeping our tier lists up to date and relevant. We use a Trello board to revisit older guides at a regular cadence to make sure they’re still reflecting the best information possible. The future is helping even more gamers with their and our favorite passion: games.

Best of all, our strong community across Discord and various games help to guide us. Without our supporters, community members and staff we wouldn’t be Gaming Tier List.