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Guest Posts

If you’d like to guest post on Gaming Tier List then email us your proposal for your post and we will let you know if we’re interested. We only accept video game related content, primarily guides and tier lists. Please do not submit the content.

Working for Gaming Tier List

There are currently no full time / part time positions available at Gaming Tier List.

We will accept proposals for paid content. We generally are looking for video game (online gameplay especially) guides and tier lists. You can submit a proposal and include:

  • Writing Sample: Literally anything that shows off your writing. We prefer you submit something you’ve written online already, we don’t want you to go out your of your way for us on this. It doesn’t have to a super fancy published piece either, we want to look at your writing.

    Super serious on this one too, no requirements on writing on other sites or anything. We’re not turning down an awesome high quality guide written by a passionate fan because they didn’t luck out and get published somewhere.
  • Compensation: How much do you want to get paid per article.
  • Other Details: How often would you be available to write (i.e. how many articles per month could you handle) and what kind of content you want to write about (guides, tier lists, which games).

You can submit a proposal for a one time piece or to be available if we need something. We can’t reply to every submission and we do not want your resume or any personal details. Just let us know what you want to write about and what you think would be fair for your time.

If we have a need for you we will reach out.

Sponsored Content

We promise to always, always, always share when a post is sponsored in ANY way. If we receive a game key, a keychain, something we will let our readers know.