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SMITE Tier List Season 11 – June 2024

Season 11 Showdown: Unleashing the Gods in SMITE's Tenth Year

Welcome to the Gaming Tier List ultimate tier list for SMITE 11.6. If you’re new to the game and looking what to play or trying to climb the ladder, our tier list is ready for you. We’ve consulted with SMITE pros and examined the data to give you the absolute most up to date list of the strongest Gods in the game.

Here’s what we’re serving: We’ve got our GTL Tier where we list God by God the best to play for the season. We’re on top of the latest gods by lane for the season. We break down the absolute best God to play for each lane for conquest. Finally we’ve got descriptions and a change log for when Gods move up and down our GTL Tier List.

Our guide is updated frequently as the meta evolves and patches release. We’ve got season / year 11 coverage below. Find out who the best gods are in SMITE, what the best god is to play, a list of every god in the game and what gods to avoid here at Gaming Tier List.

SMITE Tier List

Total Matches by God for Season 11

If you’re wondering what the pros are playing, based on matches this season, the following gods are the most played right now.

  1. Odin
  2. Chiron
  3. Zeus
  4. Jin Wei
  5. Kali
  6. Neith
  7. Ra
  8. Gilgamesh
  9. Cliodhna
  10. Camazotz

Best God by Lane

In the current state of SMITE, the prevailing meta is heavily dominated by tanks. This tank-centric approach has proven to be quite forgiving to players, allowing for more room for error and making it difficult for teams to secure early advantages. The consequence? Matches often drag on into the late game, where the team that performed well in the early stages doesn’t necessarily reap the deserved rewards.

Now, let’s shift our focus to Patch 10.7 and analyze whether it has made any significant changes to tackle these aforementioned concerns.

Best Solo God: Tyr Shaping Up the Solo Lane Meta

Despite receiving nerfs in the latest patch, Tyr continues to exert his dominance over the top lane. The cooldown for “Lawbringer” has been increased across all ranks, and the key item for Tyr players, “Glorious Pridwen,” saw a reduction in explosion damage. Nevertheless, Tyr remains firmly seated in the S tier of solo lane champions. His laning phase remains highly effective, even though his tankiness and teamfighting utility have slightly diminished. As a result, counter matchups like Sun Wukong and Jormungandr are expected to maintain their presence in the meta. However, rising contenders such as Shiva and Achilles are making their way back to the top of the ladder, offering potentially more viable picks in the near future.

Best Jungle God: Kali, the True Goddess of the Jungle

Amidst the current jungle meta in SMITE, Kali emerges as the standout performer. Despite her vulnerable early game, the meta’s inclination towards late-game powerhouses rewards Kali as the strongest late-game champion among the viable jungle picks, thanks to her exceptional damage output. However, an unexpected challenger with the potential to disrupt the jungle meta is Bakasura, boasting tremendous early game damage while still showcasing comparable late-game strength to Kali. Should upcoming patches favor a shift towards stronger early games, Bakasura could undoubtedly dominate the meta, leading to the eclipse of Kali’s reign. Notably, the return of Loki appears unlikely as his counters currently reign supreme within the meta landscape.

Despite the attack speed nerfs directed at Hachiman, he continues to dominate the ADC role within the meta. Hachiman’s exceptional objective-taking capabilities and strong laning phase set him apart from the competition. While champions like Martichoras offer superior mobility and safety, their weaker laning phase and subpar objective control prevent them from attaining the same level of priority as Hachiman. As a whole, the ADC role currently finds itself in a weakened state, lacking clear standout champions despite other champions like Artemis and Cernunnos making a comeback. Instead, the choice of picks heavily relies on the specific team compositions at hand.

Best Support God: Yemoja or Terra?

In the Support role meta, Yemoja currently reigns supreme due to her unparalleled utility in late game teamfights. However, Terra is gradually mounting a challenge to dethrone Yemoja as the undisputed support champion. While Terra’s laning phase may be somewhat weaker, her prowess in late game scenarios and skirmishes across the map greatly contribute to her rising prominence. Another noteworthy contender is Ganesha, whose early dive potential would become unrivaled if the meta shifts towards favoring early game champions in the upcoming weeks. Nonetheless, in the present state, Ganesha remains weaker compared to the likes of Yemoja, Terra, and possibly Aphrodite as well.

Best Mid Lane God: Baba Yaga or Merlin?

In the mid lane, the current standout champions are Baba Yaga and Merlin. Merlin boasts a potent late game and maintains high damage output throughout all stages of the game. Meanwhile, Baba Yaga emerges as a more secure pick due to her ability to survive early dives. Both champions are highly prioritized by professional players. However, there are other mid lane options that retain some viability, contingent upon team compositions, such as Martichoras, Agni, and Discordia. On the other hand, He Bo has lost his prominence and does not appear to be on track for a resurgence in the top tier anytime soon during this season.

Tier List Descriptions

  • Tier SS — These characters are brutally overpowered.
  • Tier S+ — These gods are top tier, in that they are often first pick choices for their roles.
  • Tier S — While somewhat less powerful than S+ tier characters, these gods are still highly suggested.
  • Tier A+ — These gods are great, safe picks. While perhaps not the strongest of the bunch, they have each seen some serious playtime within the common meta.
  • Tier A — These characters often see use in the modern meta, but are not always optimal picks for their positions. Still, they each have their uses.
  • Tier B+ — Each of the characters within the B+ tier are generally powerful. However, they each demand a highly skilled player to be used properly.
  • Tier B — These characters require a steep level of skill, but also offer fewer payoffs than B+ tier gods.
  • Tier C — These characters are not considered viable in competitive play.
  • Tier D — Not generally considered viable in competitive play, these gods are often noted as the worst characters to play.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, scroll up to check out the latest version of the Gaming Tier List season 10 SMITE tier list down below. Feel free to voice your thoughts on the list in the comments. Do note there is no “perfect tier list” except on rare occasions of improper game balance, but we believe you will have the power you need with Tier A and above.

You can find the official patch notes on the official SMITE website.

Tier List Changelog

God Previous Rank Current Rank Date of Change
Bellona B+ A+ April 1, 2024
Nike B C March 29, 2024
Da Ji B C March 29, 2024
Cernunnos B+ S March 29, 2024
Artemis C+ B+ March 29, 2024

Our tier list is dynamic and designed to respond to rapid changes in the meta. Every time a god is moved, the above changelog will reflect the ranking change and date. Each God that has a guide available is also linked below for more tactics on laning, role and how to play.

What’s Next for SMITE?

The current state of the SMITE meta can be described as somewhat awkward, leaving players feeling frustrated with a lack of innovation and impactful changes. Patch 10.7, while attempting to address certain concerns, did not introduce any groundbreaking improvements to the overall meta. However, the approach being taken by the developers hints at potential shifts in the future. Champions like Tiamat and the newly added Cheron hold promise for dominating the meta towards the end of the season. As players eagerly await further updates and adjustments, there is anticipation for the meta to evolve and introduce fresh strategies and champions that can inject renewed excitement into the game.

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Tier List Updates

We’ve reorganized our guide, gave a better shorter link by demand and bring you the most played Gods in ranked to give you an idea of who is getting picked the most for an objective opinion on the game.

We’ve now sponsored with SMITE pros to provide in-depth lane-by-lane best Gods thanks to community feedback. Thank you so much and thank you for helping expand this guide for everyone!

In January, February and March of 2023 we did Season / Year 10 Updates, including Surtr. We’ve revamped the entire tier list in April / May 2023 with a complete overhaul. The Tier List is now built on a database with a new interface so that we can rapidly move heroes up and down on the tier list as the meta changes. Not only did we preload our new tool with the latest tier list updates for rock solid competitive play but we’ve added a new feature: the changelog.

We’ve given the tier list an overhaul for 10.11, moving a lot of the rankings around. Many gods have gotten a buff this season while a few have gotten some nerfs. We’ve taken the feedback and rolled it into the tier list.

Previous Updates

Our tier list now notes below which Gods have moved up and down in our rankings. We’re keeping all the historical data to maybe create some interesting analysis of how our tier list has evolved. We’re excited for this new technology and hope you love our new up-to-date every single day tier list.

We’ve done some analysis of the win/loss of ranked conquest and have moved a few heroes to SS due to their overwhelming win rates.

God Guides: Be sure to click into any God to find out more information on the God themselves along with our full guide on laning, top strats and more. All of our Gods below that have an available guide are linked with our guides coming from some regular conquest players providing feedback and when available arena / joust tips.

Previously maintained by Hunter Boyce.

Previous Tier List Update Log

As of April 30, 2023 we will now have most of the hero moves in our changelog. Here’s a list of updates in the past we’ve made to look back on them over time.

  • November 16th 2019: Update moved Isis down and Jing Wei up. No changes for December, outside of adding Heimdallr to A ranking while he’s being evaluated.
  • Middle of January 2020 update – PTS results are showing little change will come in season 7.
  • February 2020 Updates: Season 7 is here!! Odin / Yeoja / Kukulkan take top spot. Heimdallr received a nerf, so he moved to S+ (still very powerful). Previous S+ series moved down, still good, but nowhere near the levels of Odin / Yemoja / Kukulkan right now.
  • Patch 7.1 updates have been added. Thor and Bastet have been bumped up. Heimdallr is probably one of the best champions in the game now. Small changes for 7.1.5. Cthulhu is going to join soon, so we’ve added him to the top based on what we’ve seen so far.
  • Patch 7.7 is the Avatar skin release. They are just skins, not new avatars. However, expect Susano, Skadi and Merlin to play a lot and plan accordingly.
  • 7.10 Tsukuyomi is now in SS.
  • 8.0 lots of changes new additions to SS
  • Updated all the way up to 8.11
  • Updated 10/23/2021 – Getting ready for season 9!!
  • November: Season 9 will see an almost complete rework of the tier list. We should be seeing Season 9 drop soon. With the last I believe championship over, I’d suggest playing whatever you want to play right now because Season 9 will see major buffs to many characters in the lower tiers. Get some practice in now!
  • Season 9 Tier List Now Available. We’ve updated our tier list a few days before the new season, because in general most of the same gods work in the same slots. Shiva will start the season as SS tier. We’ve added all the heroes including Lancelot to the tier list as well.
  • We’ve done a mid-season revamp (November / December 2022) of the list, moving a few heroes with older kits down and rebalancing for some new considerations. Kukulkan, Cthulhu and Tsukuyomi still hold out as top picks. Maui, as a new hero, we’re holding in the SS tier until his kit is balanced.

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