Title: Lord of the Eight Banners

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Mobility

Hachiman Guide

Hachiman is a hunter excelling at early aggression and objective control. In the laning phase, focus on poking enemies with your 1 and basic attacks, using your passive MP5 to spam abilities. At level 2, hit the duo lane with your 1 and 3 combo to deal serious damage. Maintain pressure to get first blood.

Hachiman works in duo or mid. For duo, pair with a tank like Sobek who can lock down enemies so you can eliminate them. In mid, bully mages with your range and mobility. Always build Transcendence first for power and mana.

Your 1 clears waves and pokes enemies. Use frequently but watch your mana. Your 2 provides mobility to juke, chase or escape. Your 3 damages and grants CC immunity, hitting multiple enemies in teamfights. Your ult is a global snipe securing objectives or kills. Built fully, it hits hard.

In teamfights, you deal damage. Target enemy damage dealers with your 3 then 1s and basics. Your 2 repositions you to avoid enemy CC and divers. Help your support peel by stunning priority enemies with your 3. Secure objectives with your ult by stealing or damaging them. You strongly push objectives, clearing waves and damaging towers with your 1.

Your team relies on your physical damage and objective control. Dominate duo lane with your support, invading buffs and getting early kills. Roam when ahead to gank mid or solo. Group late game to take objectives and win teamfights. Your damage and CC are key to victory.

Maximize Hachiman’s potential through aggression and mechanics. Focus on pressuring your opponent in the laning phase and roaming when possible to acquire kills and establish dominance over the match. Obtaining kills and assists early on will allow you to control more farm and quickly scale into the late game where you can look for globals.

Poke out your opponents and capitalize on their minor positioning errors. Use your three to close gaps or extend on lingering opponents, following up with additional auto attacks to chunk opponents. Against Competent mid laners look for trades and back off, preventing lethal damage but gaining pressure to control buffs or rotations.

In team fights focus the backline by flanking before primary engagements occur or kite frontliners while your team collapses. Your two allows re-positioning from dangerous scenarios while also enabling chase potential on vulnerable opponents. Look for opportunity basics and ones on clumped enemies and objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Your ultimate provides global pressure, use when looking to steal objectives, secure low health kills or aid teammates in need of help.

Play around objectives and farm to scale quickly into the late game. Take opportunities to steal farm from your opponents when available through careful wave manipulation and jungle invasion. Group with your team to take tier one towers, this opens the map and provides additional farm and control. Carefully balance farming and grouping, do not over commit to long engagements without purpose.

With time and practice, you will garner a greater understanding of matchups, power spikes and how to fully utilize Hachiman’s kit. Capitalize on every advantage to dominate your opponents through calculated and precise aggression. Pressure objectives and farm to reach full build, becoming an unstoppable force across the battleground.

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