Title: Weaver of Fate

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Sustain

Neith Guide

Neith is a hunter who excels at controlling the early game. Her lane clear and poke are top-notch, allowing her to pressure the opposing duo lane and gain an early gold/xp lead.

For the laning phase, focus on clearing the wave as shortly as possible with Spirit Arrow and Unravel. Look for opportunities to poke the enemy carry/support with Spirit Arrow or a basic attack. Be aggressive, but careful not to overcommit – your escape options are limited. Buy Transcendence first item for maximum ability spam.

As for positions, Neith works best in the duo/carry role. She can flex to mid, but hunter mids aren’t ideal currently. For team comps, Neith pairs well with aggressive supports who can set up kills, like Ymir or Xing Tian. Tanks/warriors with crowd control are also great for locking down targets for your ultimate.

To maximize Neith’s kit, use Spirit Arrow to poke, clear, and interrupt enemy abilities. Unravel does insane damage and reduces healing, so toss it on objectives, buffs, or in team fights. Basic attack cancels, where you fire an auto then immediately use an ability, apply Backflip’s damage reduction. Your ultimate, World Weaver, is great for securing kills across the map or saving allies. In team fights, look to burst squishies with your combo and ult the carry if needed.

Neith’s role is to farm, get kills, take objectives, and carry the late game. Early on, focus on clearing, poking the enemy duo, and not dying. Help your support secure neutral objectives when possible. In the midgame, rotate to teamfights and the middle lane to push towers. Your ultimate allows you to impact the map without leaving your lane so use it! Late game, shred objectives, tanks and squishies alike with your ability combos and critical strike items. Stay near your support and tanks in fights and focus the biggest threats.

Neith has a simple but versatile kit that allows her to be useful in virtually any team composition. Due to her self-heal on Broken Weaves, built-in attack speed and health buffs on abilities and escape Unravel, Neith has a high skill ceiling for maximizing her full potential, but remains easy to pick up for new players.

As Neith, you want to play aggressively in the early stages of the game to gain pressure over the duo lane. Your Spirit Arrow provides efficient wave clear, which allows your support to rotate for neutral objective control without worrying about losing valuable xp or gold. Unravel can nearly one-shot enemy squishies if both hits land, so look to use it whenever your jungler ganks for easy first blood. If played optimally, Neith can gain a level lead through poking out and forcing her lane opponents to back, allowing her to hit level 5 for her ultimate before the enemy carry. At level 5, Neith’s ultimate World Weaver allows her to secure kills from across the map, so alert your team when it’s available.

In the mid-game, Neith transitions from an aggressive carry into a global threat. With a few core damage items like Transcendence, Warrior Tabi and Asi or Odyseey Bow complete, Neith can shred through enemy squishies and objectives alike. Look to group with your support and jungler to take the enemy red buff, gold fury or push mid tower. If a teamfight breaks out, use Spirit Arrow to poke and whittle down enemy carries from a distance before committing to the full fight. Your main goal in mid-game teamfights is to burst the enemy damage dealers as quickly as possible with your combo before they have time to react. With good positioning and an early lead, Neith can single-handedly carry teamfights if left unchecked.

Late game, Neith transitions into a tank shredder with crit items like Rage, Deathbringer and Poison Star. Your main priorities are taking objectives like the Fire Giant and pushing Phoenixes to end the game. Carefully choose your engages in teamfights, as dying late can cost your team the win. Look to poke with Spirit Arrow and let your frontline engage before committing to a fight. If an enemy carry or jungler overextends, punish them with your full combo to gain a numbers advantage. Continue farm everything you can on the map to maintain a level and gold lead over the enemy team.

In Joust, Neith can be a dominant pick. Her ability to clear waves and poke out opponents from a safe distance allows her to gain pressure in a 1v1 or 2v2 scenario. As soon as the game starts, focus the wave with Spirit Arrow and Unravel to hit level 2 first. Look to bully your lane opponent by landing basic attacks and abilities whenever they try to clear. Save your escape Backflip for avoiding ganks or chasing kills.

With time and practice, Neith can be an unstoppable force from the duo lane. A skilled Neith will gain pressure and shut down the enemy carry early before using her ultimate to impact teamfights across the map. Mastering Neith’s kit and build paths can allow her to hard carry games that seem out of reach. If you enjoy an early game hunter with global map pressure, Neith is one of the most rewarding gods in SMITE.

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