Title: Broken God of the Afterlife

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Defense, High Attack Speed

Osiris Guide

Osiris’s passive stacks health and damage reduction, so he excels in solo lane during laning phase. Start with Warrior’s Blessing and health potions for sustain. Focus on clearing the wave, but look for opportunities to poke the enemy solo with Auto Attacks and abilities when possible. At level 2, pick up either your 1 or 3 for clear and poke. Try to hit level 3 before the other solo to put pressure on them.

Osiris fits best in the solo lane, but can work in jungle or as an aggressive support. In solo, he counters warriors and guardians. His anti-heal, cooldowns, and damage reduction help against healers like Chaac or solo guardians. As jungle, gank solo lane often and make the enemy solo’s life difficult. As support, be extremely aggressive in lane with constant poke and kill pressure. Your ultimate helps secure early kills.

Osiris’s 1, Judgement Tether, is your main damaging ability. Use it on the enemy solo or jungle when fighting over buffs or objectives like Totem of Ku. The tether reduces their damage output, so engage on them after hitting it. His 2, Spirit Flail, deals damage and slows in a line. Use it to poke in lane or slow enemies when ganking side lanes. His 3, Sickle Strike, is Osiris’s lunge. Use it aggressively in lane to poke, or save it to stick to targets when ganking.

In teamfights, focus the backline damage dealers. Your ultimate, The Cursed Koan, deals damage over time and reduces health. Use it to dive the backline, then tether the mid or ADC with your 1 to reduce their damage. Spirit Flail will help you stick to them. Your passive combined with items like Spirit Robe or Shogun’s Kusari make you very tanky, so don’t be afraid to dive deep. Help your team secure objectives like Fire Giant or Gold Fury using your ultimate to zone enemies off the objective.

Osiris plays an aggressive frontline role. In the early game, look to get solo ahead through pressure and kill potential. Rotate to mid lane for ganks if the opportunity presents itself. In the mid to late game, initiate teamfights by diving the backline damage dealers. Use your abilities to reduce damage and peel for your own damage dealers. Secure objectives or steal them from the enemy team using your ultimate and abilities.

In Joust, Osiris functions similarly as a frontline warrior who dives the backline. However, the smaller map means more frequent fighting over buffs and objectives. Max your 1 first for reduced damage in early fights. Build tanky with cooldown to have abilities up for every fight.

In Arena, Osiris can build more damage since kills are the objective. Max your 2 and 3 for sustained damage and sticking power. Use sickle strike to get behind enemies near walls, then tether and flail them into your team. Your ultimate helps secure kills on enemies trying to escape out of the side entrances. Build warrior focused items with some hybrid defense and cooldown.

Roam between lanes, focusing mid and duo lane for ganks. Constantly fight over buff camps and drop lane minions for farm. Invade enemy buffs and get deep vision to track the enemy jungler. In teamfights, dive the backline damage dealers using your CC and damage reduction to disrupt them. Peel for your own damage dealers using your abilities, and help secure Fire Giant or Gold Fury.

Build Osiris with cooldown reduction and defense. Items like Gladiator’s Shield, Genji’s Guard, and Shogun’s Kusari work well. Relic choices are usually Blink or Shield of Thorns. Once you have some defense, damage from The Crusher or Heartseeker helps your scaling.

Osiris’s abilities give him strong survivability through damage reduction, CC, and his passive. Time your abilities well in teamfights while auto attacking between them. His ultimate, though short in duration, helps secure objectives or zone enemies. Mastering Osiris requires balancing aggressive and defensive play to get the most effectiveness in any role.

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