Title: Ruler of the Heavens

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Attack Speed

Olorun Guide

As an ADC mage, Olorun excels in the duo lane during the early game. Your goal is to farm up and get to late game as fast as possible. Focus on clearing the wave quickly with your 1 and 2, then poke the enemy duo with your 3 whenever it’s off cooldown. Your 3 has crazy range, so you can often hit them under their tower from safety.

For positioning, Olorun works best in the duo lane as the carry, but can also mid if needed. In team fights, you want to stay on the outskirts and spam your 1, 2 and ult. Your 1 and 2 do insane damage if the enemy team groups up, and your ult provides valuable CC immunity for your whole team. Be very careful about getting ganked though, since Olorun has no real escape. Ward up and don’t push too far forward, especially if the enemy jungler is MIA.

Now for the fun part, ability usage. Your 1 is your main clear and should be maxed first. Hit the whole wave with it for maximum damage. Your 2 is great for poking the enemy duo and following up your 3. Try to hit both enemies with the 2 for big damage. Your 3, like I said, has huge range so abuse that and poke the enemies under tower. Even if you just hit one of them, the extended range means you’ll likely take little to no tower shots.

In team fights, spam your 1 and 2 on as many enemies as possible. Your ult is perfect for counters, like Loki or Da Ji ults. Pop your ult right before they land on you and waste their abilities, then rain down damage while they have nothing left. Your ult also provides protections for diving towers or objectives like Fire Giant. For objectives, use your 1 and 2 to quickly take down waves, then group with your team to burn the objective. Your extended basic attack range lets you contribute damage from a safe distance.

I like to call Olorun just ‘Ol’ when chatting with my team. Ol has a high skill cap as a mage ADC but is extremely rewarding once you master him. To play Ol at a high level, you really need to understand his abilities and combos inside and out. For example, knowing exactly how many hits of your 1 it takes to clear each wave during different stages of the game. Or knowing when it’s better to use your 2 for damage vs using it primarily for the movement speed buff.

Little optimizations like these can make a big difference. Ol also requires expert positioning to be used effectively. You have no true escape, so you have to rely on your 3 for safety and your ult for counters. map awareness and warding is key. If you get caught out as Ol with abilities down, you’re probably dead. So make sure you’re always thinking a few steps ahead of the enemy jungler and rotate safely.

Mastering Ol’s unique playstyle takes a lot of practice. But once you get a feel for his abilities and learn how to adapt to each match, Ol can hard carry games even at a competitive level. There are few things as satisfying as perfectly chaining Ol’s abilities to one-shot enemy squishies or turn a team fight with a well-timed counter ult. Ol mains unite! Let’s show people how much damage this tricky mage ADC can really do.

How’s that? I tried to expand on some of the points around his skill cap, positioning, ability usage and provide some more details for new Ol players. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or expand the guide further. I’m happy to keep tweaking it.

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