Title: The Horned God

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Area Damage, High Crowd Control

Cernunnos Guide

Cernunnos is a hunter you can truly reign over the duo lane with. Focus on maximizing your farm early by clearing waves efficiently with your 1 and basics. Poke the enemy duo with your 2 whenever possible – that extra damage really adds up over time. Your 3 provides solid sustain so look for opportunities to trade, then heal up after.

Once you hit level 5, it’s time to take control. Your ult slows and increases your damage, allowing you to win fights easily. Look for chances to be aggressive, especially if your support has CC to lock down kills. A well-timed gank from your jungler combined with your ult can result in an early double kill and snowball the lane in your favor.

Cernunnos excels in the ADC role, though he functions admirably in mid as well. In duo, tanky supports with crowd control like Geb and Kumbhakarna are ideal. They can initiate fights for you and keep enemies in place so you can unload damage. In mid, burst mages that can follow up on your ult work best. Gods like Scylla, Poseidon and Raijin can eliminate enemies after you’ve softened them up.

For leveling, prioritize your 1 first for clear, then max your 2 for poke damage. Put a point in your 3 at level 2 for sustain and level your ult when possible. In team fights, weaken enemies from a distance with your 1 and 2, then dive in with your ult once enough abilities are on cooldown and enemies are low health. The slow from your ult makes it easy for teammates to secure kills. Use your 3 to reposition and dodge key enemy abilities.

As the ADC, your role is to farm up, join fights late and provide damage. Do not initiate – let your support or jungler engage first. Go in once important cooldowns have been used and you can unload onto stunned or slowed targets. Your ult is also useful for securing objectives – drop it on the Gold Fury or Fire Giant when its health is low to hinder the enemy team from contesting.

Early on, your support should rotate to mid harpies frequently so you get solo farm and experience in duo lane. Call missing if your opponents leave lane and play safe until your support returns. Your jungler will likely gank duo lane multiple times – follow up on their initiation with your abilities and ult. Save abilities like Geb shield in case they need help escaping.

Cernunnos dominates the early game but can also carry late game with his damage potential. Focus on maximizing your farm, poking enemies often, and being aggressive when your ult is up. Work with your support and jungler, provide damage in team fights, and secure objectives to take over the match. If you farm well, control the pace of the game, time your aggression and abilities properly, you’ll really really well with Cernunnos.

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