Title: Warden of the Underworld

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: Medium Crowd Control, Medium Area Damage

Cerberus Guide

Cerberus is a guardian who excels in the solo lane. I always start with Guardian’s Blessing and health chalice, with health and mixed pots. Focus on rapidly clearing the wave using your 2-1 combo. His sustain from Guardian’s Blessing and passive allows you to harass most opponents and force them out of lane.

In team compositions, I prefer Cerberus in the solo lane. He also works as a second support. Avoid mid or carry. Cerb solo succeeds against most warriors and some assassins. His cripple neutralizes mobility gods. Tailor your build to your lane opponent and enemy jungler.

Cerberus’s 1 is your primary clear and poke. Hit the whole wave to heal from your passive and SB. Use your 2 for a quick stun when ganking/counter-ganking or to interrupt enemy abilities like Bellona’s bludgeon. Your 3 is mostly an escape but the prot shred helps your team defeat objectives faster.

In teamfights, your role is disruption and control. Blink in and ult, separating enemy backline from their frontline. Your 2-1 combo cripples and stuns, letting your damage dealers get kills. Keep auto-attacking enemies in your ult to apply stacks of your passive, increasing your and your allies’ damage.

For objectives like GF/FG, use your 3 for the prot shred. 2-1 combo any enemies who try to contest, then bodyblock them in your ult so your team can burn the objective.

Your abilities synergize well with items like Void Stone, Hide of the Urchin and Mantle of Discord. Magi’s Cloak can prevent being crowd controlled out of your ult. Relics depend on team needs – usually blink and shell/sprint/curse.

Early on play safe, farm and get tanky. Mid-game look for picks with your ult and control objectives. Late game, initiate teamfights, dive the backline and cause mayhem so your damage dealers can get kills. Cerberus controls the fight and enables allies to succeed using disruption and damage buffs/debuffs. Communicate with your team to combo abilities and focus key targets.

With practice, you’ll be overpowering solo lanes and driving teamfights in no time. Cerberus is a powerful guardian who, when played well, leads his team to victory. Persevere and you’ll master this hound of Hades!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to farm efficiently until you get tanky enough to really control teamfights. Don’t die for no reason, defend your buffs and towers, and stay close to your support/jungle in case of ganks. Once you finish counter-building your opponents, rotations and objectives become your top priority.

A typical full build would be: Guardian’s Blessing, Shoes of Focus, Mystic Mail, Pestilence, Spirit Robe, Mantle of Discord. Relics are Blink and Curse. This provides a balanced blend of prots, health, cooldown and utility.

Your goal is to annoy and distract opponents while empowering allies. Bodyblock enemy carries, root enemies in your ult, cripple any who try to escape. Your passive stacks and item procs will melt unprotected enemies. If focused, your 3 and relics help you escape.

Late game, look for that perfect ult to split the enemy team. Blink behind their damage dealers, drop your ult to separate them from supports, then 2-1 combo them while your team collapses. Stay on top of objectives, keep wards up, defend FG/GF and towers.

A well-played Cerberus dominates teamfights, controls objectives and carries his team to victory through disruption and defensive advantages. I hope these tips help you master Cerberus and climb through the ranks! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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