Title: Horror of the Sea

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage

Scylla Guide

Scylla is a late game powerhouse mage in Smite with insane burst damage potential. Getting through the early game can be rough, but proper farming and staying alive will allow Scylla to dominate in the late game. For gameplay, Scylla exceeds in the mid lane role. Rush Book of Thoth after starting item for huge power spike and mana sustain. Against physical matchups, consider an early Breastplate of Valor.

Scylla pairs well with guardian setup from gods like Geb or Kumbhakarna. Their crowd control allows Scylla to confirm kills with her combo. Scylla can also work in aggressive dive comps, following up with Crush or Sentinel. In casual queues, any comp will work, just be wary of enemy junglers.

Max Crush first for wave clear since it does tons of damage. Look for opportunities to hit multiple enemies at once as it also provides area denial, useful for objectives. Use it frequently to control mid lane. Max Sic ‘Em second for the cripple, slow and damage. It makes landing the rest of Scylla’s kit much easier. Put a point in Sentinel at level 4 for escape, chase and vision.

Use Sentinel to scout objectives, escape or chase enemies. The movement speed and vision gives Scylla map control, allowing her team to make plays or avoid ganks.Sic ‘Em should be used on enemies after they use escapes or immunity so the effects are guaranteed. The slow and cripple ensures kills if teammates follow up.

I’m a Monster, the ultimate, makes Scylla terrifying. Look to hit multiple squishy enemies, like damage dealers or healers. Combo with Crush and Sic ‘Em for massive burst and potential team wipes. Use it to secure objectives or in team fights to turn the tides.

As a burst mage, rely on your team to initiate. Provide follow up damage and control, staying in the backline. Look for picks on out-of-position enemies. Secure objectives when available with your high damage. Most importantly, avoid dying early on. Farm up and carry late game where Scylla excels.

Use wards frequently to avoid ganks, especially early on. Vision gives knowledge and knowledge gives power. Wards win games. Practice landing Crush for maximum damage by anticipating enemy movement or using Sic ‘Em to ensure hits. Stay near allies until level 5 power spike. Don’t overextend without vision on the enemy jungler.

Combo abilities, such as Crush into Sic ‘Em and Sentinel, for maximum effect when bursting single targets or in team fights. Build lots of power, penetration and cooldown reduction. Items like Book of Thoth, Spear of the Magus, and Rod of Tahuti synergize well. Look for opportunities to take mid harpies with your jungler. The extra farm provides a lead. Don’t be afraid to use your ultimate to secure objectives if behind. Comebacks happen!

Practice tricky Sentinel shots to maximize vision and chasing potential. Sentinel lasts 8 seconds so make the most of it. Mastery over Scylla’s abilities takes time and patience but pays off tremendously come late game. Farm up, play safe until level 5, then unleash your power, especially through your ultimate. Look for picks and objectives to get ahead. Your damage will do the rest with some items online. Scylla requires patience but unleashing the monster inside reaps huge rewards. Follow these tips and dominate with Scylla!

In conclusion, Scylla is a extremely powerful late game mage that relies on making it through a rough early game. If you focus on farming, staying alive, and maximizing your abilities, the rewards of progressing to the late game and unlocking her full damage potential are well worth any early struggles. With practice of her abilities, awareness of vision, and proper building of power, Scylla players can dominate team fights and ranked matches. The key is having patience through the early game, but once Scylla gets going, no one can escape her wrath!

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