Title: Messenger of the Gods

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Mobility

Mercury Guide

For the laning phase, you want to start in the jungle. Focus on clearing buff camps and looking for early ganks. Your passive gives you extra movement speed for hitting enemies with abilities, so gank as much as possible to max stacks.

Mercury works best in the jungle role. His high single target damage and mobility allow him to punish enemies out of position. For team comps, pair well with aggressive laners that can follow up on your ganks. Build golden blade, rage, deathbringer, bloodforge, arondight and stone cutting sword. You want crit, power and movement speed.

For abilities, your 1 is your main clear and engage. Use it to rotate quickly between buff camps and close the gap on enemies. Your 2 provides a strong slow, use it when ganking to guarantee your damage. Your 3 gives you a power stim, attack speed stim and crit chance. Activate it before ulting into a fight or when chasing an enemy. Your ult is a high damage gap closer. Look to ult squishy enemies then follow up with autos and your 2 to secure kills.

Your role is an assassin. Farm efficiently, gank often and eliminate priority targets in fights. Help your laners get ahead in the early game with ganks and objective control. In team fights, dive the enemy backline and burst down mages or ADCs. Use your mobility to get out if focused. Shred objectives quickly once you have a few core items.

Practice weaving autos between ablities to max your passive. Farm efficiency and constant ganks are key. Look to get kills on overextended laners and help your team snowball an early lead. Team fight carefully, diving in to eliminate a squishy target before escaping. Bait out escapes or beads with your ult before committing fully. Follow up ults or CC from your support or solo to guarantee your damage.

Early game, clear speed buff and look to gank mid or solo immediately. Make your presence known through constant pressure and rotations. Farm efficiently between ganks by clearing back camps and buffs. build golden blade first for clear and movement speed, then rage for crit chance. Look for a successful gank to get arondight or deathbringer online quickly.

Mid game team fights start breaking out. Avoid large team fights until you have a few items online. Instead pressure side lanes and invade enemy buffs with your solo or support. Gank enemies overextending and out of position. Once online, dive team fights focusing the enemy mid or ADC before escaping with your 3 and 1. Bait out relics and escapes with your ult before fully committing for a kill.

Late game you should be deleting squishy enemies and shredding objectives. Look for picks on anyone alone. In full team fights, dive the backline bursting a target immediately. Your damage and mobility allow you to elimiate them even under their tower. Use your 3 for power/attack speed and to crit more, following up with your 2. Shred Fire Giant and towers quickly with your team after a won fight.

With practice, your swift ganks and lethal assassination potential will make you a threat. Focus key targets, farm efficiently and snowball games through constant pressure. Make big plays that swing fights in your favor.

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