Title: Goddess of Cats

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Bastet Guide

Optimal Laning Phase Strategies

As Bastet, focus on clearing wave and poking the enemy in lane. Use your 2 to hit the whole wave and damage the enemy, then immediately pounce on them with your 1. Basic attack them while your cats attack, and use your 3 if they try to escape. Bastet has one of the strongest level 2 fights, so look for an early first blood.

In the jungle, prioritize farming to hit level 5 quickly. Gank when your ultimate is up for easy kills in lane. Bastet lacks CC, so gank lanes with high CC like Ares or Nox. Once you hit level 5, aggressively gank and invade the enemy jungle. Drop your ultimate on the enemy jungler or mid laner to blow them up.

Positioning and Team Compositions

Bastet works best in the jungle where she can freely gank lanes, but can also solo effectively. As a jungler, Bastet counters most mages and hunters that lack mobility. Your burst damage allows you to quickly delete them before they can react. As a solo laner, Bastet can win lane against magic-based warriors and some guardians. Use your mobility to avoid ganks and split push.

For team compositions, Bastet fits best into pick comps and burst comps. In pick comps, your damage allows you to swiftly kill an out of position enemy. For burst comps, your cats and pounce combo provide huge damage to blow up enemies. Bastet struggles in tankier team comps or against comps with too much healing, as she lacks CC and sustained damage.

Ability Tips and Tricks

Your 1 (Pounce) gives mobility and damage. Pounce on enemies to engage or chase, and pounce to safety to escape. Your 2 (Razor Whip) is your wave clear, poke and main damage tool. Hit as many enemy gods as possible with the tip of the whip for big damage.

Your 3 (Declaw) slows enemies and reduces their damage. Use it to secure kills on fleeing enemies or to debuff enemy carries in team fights. Your ultimate (Cat Call) spawns cat minions that attack nearby enemies. Use it in team fights to cause chaos and shred enemies, or drop it on an enemy under tower for an easy kill.

In team fights, drop your ultimate in the center of the fight, then look to pounce on enemy squishies and blow them up with your combo. Chase down fleeing enemies with Razor Whip and Pounce. While the cats attack the main fight, you can look to pick off enemies trying to escape. Never stop basic attacking to maximize your passive stacks and damage.

Role and Interactions

As Bastet, your role is a burst assassin. Build full damage to quickly delete enemies. Relics should include Purification and Blink. In team fights, your job is to dive the backline and eliminate enemy mages, hunters and assassins. Look for opportunities to split push and gank enemies out of position.

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