Title: The Gorgon

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Medusa Guide

Focus on clearing the wave with your 1 and look for poke damage on the enemy ADC whenever possible. Your passive gives you extra damage on your next auto after casting an ability, so weave autos in between your abilities.

Medusa works best in the ADC role, but can mid or jungle in certain team comps. As ADC, pair well with aggressive supports who can set up your ultimate. In mid, pair with a physical jungler. In the jungle, pair with a magical mid laner. Build Transcendence, Asi, Executioner, Rage, Deathbringer and Titan’s Bane. You want pen, attack speed and power.

For abilities, your 1 is your clear and main damage tool. Use it on the wave and enemy ADC. Your 2 provides antiheal and damage, use it when trading with the enemy ADC or to secure buff camps. Your 3 gives movement and pen, use it to chase enemies, rotate quickly or escape bad situations. Your ult can turn teamfights. Look to ult as many enemies as possible, then follow up with your 1 and autos while they are stunned.

Your role is a carry. Farm efficiently, win your lane and provide high damage in fights. Stick with your support in early fights, using your escape if focused. In late game team fights, stay on the outskirts focusing the enemy frontline. Look for a big ult to stun multiple enemies, then dive the backline. Shred objectives like Gold Fury and Fire Giant with your team once you have a few core items online.

Farm quickly by clearing waves with your 1 and stacking Transcendence. Take every buff and camp available. Win lane pressure and get kills by poking the enemy ADC with your passive-empowered autos and abilities. Rotate to mid harpies and look for kills on the enemy mid with your jungler.

Team fight positioning is key. Do not get caught out or die early. Stay on the edge of the fight using your 3 to dodge abilities and autos. Look for a huge ult that stuns at least 3 enemies. Then dive in using your 2 and 1 to deal massive damage. Focus the squishies like mages or other ADCs first. Save your 3 to escape if needed. Help your support secure objectives by dpsing the Gold Fury or Portal Demon.

Keep practicing, focus on your positioning and ability timing. Look to synergize with your support and jungler. Farm efficiently and win lane pressure. Follow these tips and you’ll be dominating ranked games in no time.

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