Title: Goddess of the Underworld

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Area Damage, High Sustain

Hel Guide

Hel is a mage that excels in a solo lane or mid lane role in Conquest. For the solo lane, she has great sustain to stay in lane thanks to her light stance heal. Focus on clearing the wave as soon as possible with her dark stance 1 and 3. If your opponent steps up, don’t hesitate to harass them with your light stance 1 to whittle them down. Save your mana in the early game, only using abilities to clear. Once you hit level 5, look for a kill opportunity with your ult to stance switch, land your combo, and secure first blood. In teamfights, your role is a backline mage that provides healing and damage. Stay near your ADC, using your light stance 1 and 3 to keep them topped off, while using your dark stance 3 to poke the enemy frontline. Only ult aggressively if you see a squishy target out of position that you and your team can collapse on.

For mid, play safe until level 3 when you have your dark stance 3 for clear and poke. Clear the wave, then look to poke the enemy mid with your 3. At level 5, coordinate a gank with your jungler. When they come in for the gank, ult to your dark stance, hit your combo to slow and damage the enemy, giving your jungler an easy kill. In Joust, Hel excels as a damage dealer and healer. Focus on clearing the wave and poking the enemy team with your dark stance 3 while sustaining yourself and allies with your light stance heal. Save your ultimate for escaping or chasing low health targets to secure kills. Your mobility and burst make you hard to lock down, so avoid being alone with enemies around.

In Arena, build Hel with high damage and CDR. Stay near your team, using abilities to clear the wave and poke enemies. Look for enemies out of position to burst down with your dark stance abilities. Provide healing and movement speed when needed to engage or disengage, Hel’s utility and damage make her a menace in Arena. She can help snowball your team to victory through attrition.

For builds, choose a typical mage build focusing on power, penetration, and cooldown reduction. Core items include Chronos’ Pendant, Spear of Desolation and Rod of Tahuti. For relics, consider Heavenly Wings for bonus movement speed to keep up with allies or chase/escape. Shell provides a health shield in an area of effect to save allies.

With practice, Hel can be incredibly potent. Make the most of stance switching to adapt to any situation. Focus on objectives and farm. Keep your team alive and deal damage to lead the charge to victory. Remember to enjoy yourself while playing one of the most unique mages in SMITE!

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