Title: The Glorious One

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Sustain

Ullr Guide

Ullr is one of the deadliest hunters in SMITE when mastered. Ullr takes dedication to master, but with experience you’ll dominate enemy gods.

During the laning phase, focus on maximizing your poke damage in axe stance using your 1 and 3 abilities. Ullr has one of the best level 1 wave clears, allowing you to pressure duo lane immediately. Work with your support to zone enemies from the wave and achieve level 2 first. At level 2, if you land your axe combo, go all-in with ignite in bow stance for first blood. Your support should keep enemies away so you get full farm.

Ullr excels in the ADC role, but in the right composition can work in jungle and solo. For ADC, pair with supports like Ares or Ymir who provide set up for your axe stun. In the jungle, gank for solo laners with crowd control like Bellona. For solo lane, work with a jungler offering solid gank assistance. Ullr bullies most solo laners, but be careful without an escape.

Your axe stance combo (1+3) is critical. Land the axe stun, then immediately power shot. Quickly switch to bow stance (2) and basic attack. In teamfights, stun healers or damage dealers. If you land a stun, have your team attack. Your ultimate, Glacial Strike, has long range to slow enemies securing objectives or kills.

Your role is high damage and controlling fights with your axe. Aggressively work with your support and jungler, following their crowd control with your stun. Gank duo lane together for an early lead. In teamfights, stay on the edge poking with 1 and 3. Dive the backline in bow stance if you get a pick. You can also peel for allies using your knockup, slows and damage. Communicate with your team, especially support. Call out when you land an axe so they can engage.

A few tips:

Your 1 in axe stance goes through walls. Use it to check objectives or poke enemies under tower. Your 3 in bow stance provides immunity frames upon casting. Use it to avoid damage or crowd control. Switching stances resets your attack chain. Use it after a few autos in one stance for faster shots. Your passive provides power based on stance. Manage it for maximum damage output. Beads or sprint are good relics for chasing or escaping. The Crusher item is a must-have for the penetration and passive. Start build options:Solo or jungle: Bluestone, Bumba’s, health chalice. ADC: Devourer’s or transcendence, Imperial healing.

With practice, you’ll dominate ranked and climb the ladder. Ullr has a high skill cap but is rewarding when mastered. Follow these tips and you’ll hit max range axe snipes and shred teams before they know what hit them! Best of luck, and see you on the battlefield!

Ullr has a unique stance switching mechanic allowing you to adapt to any situation. In axe stance, use ranged abilities to poke, stun and damage enemies. In bow stance, maximize DPS with powerful basic attacks. The key is quickly and smoothly switching between stances to make the most of Ullr’s kit. From duo to jungle to solo, Ullr works best with teamwork. Communicate with allies to set up deadly ganks and teamfight ambushes. Call out axe stuns to have your support peel or deal damage. Ullr doesn’t have a true escape, so work with your support to stay safe in lane. In teamfights, avoid being the center of attention. Poke from a distance, and only dive deep with backup. Kite and peel for allies when possible between cooldowns.

With time, you’ll master the art of stance dancing and axe throwing. Follow these tips, build efficiently and communicate well. When you do, no god, objective or phoenix will stand in your way. Unleash your true potential – become the weapon master you were meant to be!

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