Title: Matron of the Dead

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Area Damage, Pusher

Izanami Guide

Izanami is one of the deadliest hunters in Smite when played right. Her fast clear, high damage, and teamfight-winning ult make her a force to be reckoned with. Here are some tips to maximize Izanami’s potential and carry your way to victory.

To start, focus on clearing the wave as fast as possible. Izanami’s 1 and autos pass through enemies, so line the wave up and shred through all 6 minions at once. This fast push will give you lane pressure and first access to buff invades or ganks. Constantly auto-attack to build up your passive – when it’s fully stacked, your next auto does bonus damage. Use this empowered auto to harass the enemy ADC or support.

In teamfights, your goal is dealing damage while avoiding death. Your 2 provides stealth so you can drop aggro and reposition as needed. Your ult is also useful for splitting and disrupting the enemy team. Aim it down a lane or through objectives to force enemies into a bad fight. The slow from your 1 and the silence/disorient from your 3 also give your team opportunities to dive the backline.

Stay near your support or tanky teammates who can peel for you. Call out any enemies you’ve hit with your 1 so your team can collapse on them. For objectives, get your ult started ASAP to zone enemies away. Your passive helps burn objectives quickly, so be there for every GF or FG attempt.

As for builds, start with Hunter’s Blessing and either Transcendence for mana sustain or Devourer’s Gauntlets for life steal. Boots and Fatalis are core items, while items like Exec, Titans, Deathbringer and Malice boost your damage. Counter build the rest of your items based on the enemy team comp.

Izanami works well in either the carry or mid role. As a carry, pair with aggressive supports who can set up your damage like Ares, Bacchus or Xing Tian. In mid, focus on clear and rotations to help in jungle fights or gank side lanes. Ward often to avoid ganks, as Izanami lacks an escape.

Keep practicing Izanami and testing different builds/playstyles. The keys to mastering her are fast clear, high damage, constant pressure and teamfight impact.

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