Title: God of Music

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: Yes

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Mobility

Apollo Guide

Apollo is a late game hypercarry ADC who dominates the duo lane. His passive, Audacity, builds musical notes with each auto attack hit. At 5 notes, your next ability gains bonus effects, so use abilities frequently to maximize your passive.

In the early game, focus on stacking your passive in the duo lane. Land autos on the wave and enemy duo to build notes, then use your 1, So Beautiful, to clear the wave and poke them. So Beautiful does bonus damage when your passive is up, so it’s effective for early pressure. You can also use your 2, The Moves, at 5 notes to stun one of the duo laners for your support to engage. Play aggressive when your passive is stacked for maximum effectiveness.

As the game progresses, prioritize farming in the duo lane. Apollo scales very well into the late game, so avoid risky plays and focus on stacking your passive to clear waves. Look for opportunities to get kills in lane by coordinating with your support, especially if they have high kill pressure like Ares, Fenrir or Sobek. However, don’t force unnecessary fights. Farm efficiently and outscale your opponents.

In teamfights, Apollo plays like a traditional ADC carry. Focus on shredding the enemy backline squishies like mages and hunters using your high attack speed and lifesteal. flfan around the side or back of fights and pick off overextended targets with your abilities and basics. Avoid direct confrontation – your mobility from your 2 and Ult allows you to swiftly escape dangerous situations.

Your abilities provide poke, clear, chase potential and mobility. So Beautiful, your 1, is your main clear and poke tool. Use it to push waves and whittle down enemy health bars in lane. At full passive, it deals high damage, so look for opportunties to use it on the wave and duo lane opponents.

Your 2, The Moves, provides a mez, movement speed buff and physical protection. The mez can interrupt enemy casts and objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant. The movement speed and prots allow you to chase targets, rotate quickly between lanes or escape dangerous situations.

Your 3, Serenade, grants increased attack speed, movement speed and physical protection. Use this for boxing matches against other ADCs, taking objectives like towers/phoenixes quickly or rotating to teamfights/objectives faster. The protections also provide some survivability in fights.

Finally, Across The Sky, your ultimate, provides a global teleport. Use this ult to split push side waves, swiftly join your team for numbers advantage in fights, chase down fleeing targets or escape lethal situations. The global presence allows your team to make aggressive plays even when outnumbered, as you can teleport in to turn the tides. Look for opportunties to ult in and clean up teamfights or sneak objectives like Fire Giant.

As a hypercarry, Apollo relies on effecient farming and smart ability usage to dominate the late game. Work with your support and jungle to find picks and push objectives. Your high DPS, attack speed and lifesteal allow you to shred Fire Giant and towers. Abuse your global presence from Across The Sky to pressure side waves, join fights quickly and sneak objectives when the enemy team is distracted. Play safe early, farm well, then dominate teamfights in the mid to late game.

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