Title: Father of the Frost Giants

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Ymir Guide

Ymir is one of SMITE’s oldest gods, but he’s still highly effective in competitive play thanks to his immense crowd control and objective secure potential. During the laning phase, Ymir’s priority should be zoning enemies away from gold and experience. His hard-hitting basic attacks and Glacial Strike allow him to clear minion waves with ease. Use Glacial Strike through the wave to damage both minions and enemy gods. Look for chances to freeze enemies against walls with Shards of Ice to set up early kills for your carry. At level 5, Ymir unlocks his ultimate, Ice Wall. Use it to block escape routes for enemies or peel aggressors off your allies.

Ymir functions well as a support or solo laner. As support, Ymir pairs nicely with late game carries who appreciate his early pressure and late game peel. Build aura items like Gauntlet of Thebes to buff allies. In solo lane, max Glacial Strike first and build damage items. Solo Ymir pressures opponents and bullies them out of lane. Rotate for mid camps or to gank mid once ahead.

In teamfights, blink in and ult as many enemies as possible to slow them, then drop Shards of Ice on the biggest threats to lock them down. Glacial Strike hits hard, use it on damage dealers or to secure objectives like Gold Fury. Peel for allies with Freeze by freezing aggressors in place. An Ice Wall can also block enemies from chasing vulnerable allies.

As a tank, Ymir’s role is to initiate fights, peel for damage dealers, and secure objectives. Build aura items to support your team. Blink into teamfights and ult to slow enemies, then single out priority targets with Glacial Strike and Freeze them in place for your damage dealers to eliminate. An well-aimed Ice Wall can separate enemies from each other or block them from securing objectives like Fire Giant. Communicate with your team before engaging to ensure everyone is ready to follow up.

Ymir brings strong crowd control and objective control to any team. Mastering placement of his abilities, especially Ice Wall, separates average Ymir players from great ones. Look for opportunities to make game-changing plays by perfectly locking down enemies or blocking them out of objectives. Practice, and you’ll be an expert at freezing enemies against walls and blocking entire jungle corridors.

In Joust, Ymir functions well as a frontline tank for his team. His huge amount of crowd control helps secure kills on enemies trapped in the narrow jungle corridors. Ymir should build tank items with cooldown reduction so he can constantly peel, engage, and disengage for his allies using his abilities. Look to freeze enemies against walls for your damage dealers to eliminate. A well placed Ice Wall can block enemies from escaping through the jungle or cut off their access to buff camps. Practice walling off sections of the map to gain advantages through superior positioning and control.

In Arena, Ymir should stick close to allies and peel aggressors off of them using Freeze and Ice Wall. Build tank items and cooldown reduction so you can use abilities frequently in the constant teamfighting. Use Ice Wall to block enemy access to buff camps and minion waves, hindering their point gains. Blink into combat and ult to slow groups of enemies, then single out squishy targets with Glacial Strike. Ymir’s high base damage and crowd control makes him excellent for securing kills in Arena for his team. Constantly rotate and support all allies across the map. Control buff camps and minion waves to gain advantages for your team.

Ymir is one of SMITE’s strongest guardian gods thanks to the sheer amount of utility he provides. While simple to play, mastering Ymir’s abilities takes a significant amount of practice. Build tank items with cooldown reduction and learn to consistently land perfect Freezes, Ice Walls, and Glacial Strikes. Support your team by peeling, initiating, and locking down objectives. In all game modes, practice using Ice Wall to creatively block enemies and gain advantages through superior positioning. With enough practice, you’ll be walling off entire sections of the jungle and trapping multiple enemies against walls. Stay with your team, build tanky, land your abilities, and watch as enemy crowds crumble under the might of your frozen wrath!

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