Title: Keeper of the Wild

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Sustain

Sylvanus Guide

Sylvanus is a guardian who excels at controlling the lane and disrupting team fights through engagements and crowd control. As a support, Sylvanus works best when paired with an aggressive hunter who can follow up on his plays. His heal, Wisps, provides sustain to win early trades, and his ultimate, Wrath of Terra, knocks up multiple enemies in team fights.

In the laning phase, focus on clearing minion waves with Verdant Growth and looking for pulls with Nature’s Grasp. Landing a pull allows your hunter to damage the pulled enemy. Use Wisps whenever possible in early fights to gain health advantages and pressure enemies under tower. At level 5, look for opportunities to blink in, use Wrath of Terra to knock up as many enemies as possible. This can easily net first blood for your duo lane.

As a support, Sylvanus excels in the duo lane. However, he can flex into the solo lane with a damage build. For support, build hybrid items like Stone of Gaia, Rod of Asclepius, and Relic Dagger for health, increased healing, and cooldown reduction. For solo, build Spear of the Magus and Gem of Isolation for pressure. Tank boots are good for either role.

In team fights, Sylvanus acts as an initiator or counter-initiator. Blink or charge in, pull priority targets with Nature’s Grasp, and use Wrath of Terra to knock up groups of enemies. Your ultimate allows allies to collapse on enemies. After initiating, use Verdant Growth to damage and slow enemies. Heal allies with Wisps. Stay near squishy teammates to peel for them.

To secure objectives, use pulls to displace contesting enemies and your ultimate to knock up enemies from objectives so allies can defeat them. Save Wisps for team fights, not objectives. Only use abilities to secure objectives if allies can follow up, as Sylvanus lacks mobility.

In Joust, build some damage since you only support two allies. Blink initiate on enemies, pull and ultimate them. Use Wisps more often since fewer allies means bigger impact. Still focus on engaging, peeling and sustaining allies.

In Arena, build full tank and play aggressively. Blink to ultimate enemies, then pull and slow priority targets. This forces kills or retreats, allowing allies to secure buff camps. Save Wisps primarily for low allies. Stay near damage dealers to peel for them. Control the map through aggressive plays that make enemies afraid to push up.

Sylvanus dominates team fights and controls objectives through sustain, crowd control and disruption. His playstyle varies by mode, but focuses on engaging, sustaining allies and peeling for squishies. Build hybrid in Conquest and Joust, full tank in Arena. Blink in to pull priority targets and use your ultimate to knock up groups of enemies. Play aggressively with your team, as you rely on their follow up and lack mobility. A strategic Sylvanus will decimate team fights and boost allies to victory.

Communication and team play are key to mastering Sylvanus. Call out your blink engages and pulls to ensure your team can follow up properly. Let your team know if any enemies have their abilities down so you can transition from peeling to engaging aggressively. Wisps should be used as frequently as possible in early lane and team fights to keep your team healthy, allowing you all to play more forward. Your CC and tankiness, combined with teamwork and communication, make Sylvanus a force to be reckoned with in any mode.

In summary, to dominate with Sylvanus you must build situationally, engage calculatedly, sustain and protect your allies. Play aggressively but not recklessly, and facilitate communication and teamwork. A strategic Sylvanus who engages with his allies in mind will control the battleground and emerge victorious. Constantly look for smart initiations that will either net kills or objectives, but do not overcommit without a clear advantage. Protect your damage dealers and in turn, they will protect you. The treant lord Sylvanus, when supported by vigorous allies, shall not fall.

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