Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong

Title: the Monkey King

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: S

Pros: High Defense, High Mobility

Sun Wukong Guide

Sun Wukong excels in disruption and controlling objectives. As a solo laner, focus on out-poking opponents early while playing safe. Carefully manage abilities and don’t overcommit. Wukong’s escape (3) is also his engage, so be cautious using it offensively.

In lane, clear waves with 1 while damaging enemies. Dash in with 3, attack, and dash out. This quick poke chips away health and forces defense. Don’t fully commit without a gank or kill at 75% health. Farm efficiently and save your ultimate for escaping ganks. Play passively if behind to avoid feeding.

Build hybrid items like Jade Emperor’s Crown, Spirit Robe, and Mantle of Discord for health, protections, and cooldown reduction. For damage, build The Crusher and Brawler’s Beat Stick. Crusher helps clear waves and allows poking more often. Brawlers shuts down healing. Get Reinforced Greaves for protections or Warrior Tabi for damage.

In team fights, your role is primary engage and disruption. Dive the backline with 3 and ultimate to disrupt. Ultimate provides knockups, damage and confusion to turn fights. Use 1 and 2 to slow and damage priority targets before ulting. Be extremely careful using 3 to engage, as you need it to disengage! Only engage if your team can follow up quickly. Stay near your support or tank in case you need to escape.

To secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant, use abilities from range. Ultimate’s long knockup can secure or steal objectives. However, be wary of using abilities without escape options, as enemies may collapse. Only go for steals/secures if your team has vision and can follow up.

In Joust, play aggressively while watching escapes. Poke with 1, dive backline with 3 and ultimate as cooldowns allow. Focus enemy damage dealers early, then control buffs and push towers. Clear waves quickly and proxy farm between towers if ahead.

Use 3 to rotate and secure kills on overextended enemies. Control Bull Demon King by using 1 and ultimate to damage/displace enemies taking it. Your tankiness, disruption and objective control make you powerful in Joust.

Build and level the same as Conquest, but engage more and make plays to get ahead. Look for opportunities to blink in and ult squishy enemies if building blink. Blink ulting the mage or hunter can instantly turn a fight in your favor, allowing your team to collapse and clean up.

In summary, dominate Joust through aggression, disruption and objective control. Poke with 1, dive backline whenever abilities are up, and secure objectives to get ahead. Control the map, rotate quickly, and deny enemy buffs/objectives. Build hybrid tank and CDR to make frequent plays. Aggressive yet calculated Wukong is extremely powerful in Joust. Play safe if behind to avoid feeding, let your team carry you as you provide disruption and objective control.

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