Title: Goddess of the Hunt

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Artemis Guide

Artemis is a late game hypercarry ADC that every team needs in their arsenal. With efficient farming, Artemis comes online and dominates team fights with high damage crits and attack speed. Her passive, Still Target, provides critical strike chance that stacks with every ability and basic attack hit. Take advantage of this and build stacks whenever possible to increase your crit chance.

Aretemis is a really strong God; they’re great for newer players and generally always a fun God to play imo.

In the duo lane, focus on safely clearing the wave with your 3, Vengeful Assault. Toss Vengeful Assault on the minion wave to damage all the minions at once and zone your opponents. Then throw in some basic attacks between abilities to build those Still Target stacks. Artemis works great with crowd control supports like Ares, Xing Tian or Sobek who can lock down kills for her. Play it safe before your core items are built and avoid unnecessary risks. Just focus on farming and out scaling your opponents.

Artemis’s abilities provide damage, crowd control and objective security. Her 1, Transgressor’s Fate, roots and cripples a single target so you can get kills or stop enemies from escaping. Use your 2, Suppress the Insolent, to launch a cone attack that slows all enemies it hits. This ability is great for wave clear, poking opponents or chasing down kills.

Vengeful Assault should be prioritized for clear and poke. Toss it on the wave to damage all the minions at once and zone your opponents. When possible, hit enemy gods with Vengeful Assault for bonus damage from its damage over time effect. Artemis’s ultimate, Calydonian Boar, summons her boar companion Tusky. Call on Tusky during ganks, team fights or while taking objectives to stun enemies, secure kills or peel for your team. Tusky’s stun and damage can turn fights in your favor, so look for opportunities to utilize this ability.

In team fights, Artemis plays like a traditional ADC carry. Focus enemy squishies like mages or hunters in the backline and shred them with your basic attacks. Use abilities such as Vengeful Assault, Suppress the Insolent and Tusky to zone opponents and make it easier for your team to get kills. Transgressor’s Fate can also lock down out-of-position targets for your team to collapse on. Rely on your support or frontline to peel divers and tanks, as Artemis lacks mobility and can be easily dove. Avoid isolation and stick close to your teammates.

Artemis also excels in Joust, especially if she safely farms to late game. Clear the wave efficiently with Vengeful Assault and basic attacks, then poke opponents with Vengeful Assault’s damage over time. Look for chances to use Tusky’s stun against all nearby enemies so you and your team can secure kills. Build Artemis with power, penetration, critical strike chance and attack speed to pump out huge damage.

For Arena, Artemis provides an ADC that can brawl in the open space. Toss Vengeful Assault on groups of enemies to damage many at once while slowing them. Use Suppress the Insolent and Tusky to peel approaching enemies and lock down kills for your team. In teamfights, focus enemy squishies and secure buff camps or the jungle boss whenever they spawn. An ability-focused crit build works well for Arena’s constant fighting.

Even though Artemis is weak against early aggression, she dominates once she has 3-4 items built. Avoid unnecessary risks and focus on farming efficiently so you can scale into the mid and late-game. Power farm to unlock Artemis’s true potential, then group with your team to force objectives and team fights where Artemis thrives. Use abilities like Vengeful Assault and Tusky to shred objectives such as Gold Fury or Fire Giant. With safe play early and dominating team fights late, you’ll swiftly lead your team to victory with Artemis!

Build Artemis with Hunter’s Blessing, Devourer’s Gauntlet, Ninja or Warrior Tabi, The Executioner, Poisoned Star, Deathbringer, Wind Demon or Arachne’s Sting for penetration and Atlanta’s Bow for maximum power. This crit-focused build provides high damage, burst and shred to dominate in the late game. For relics, grab Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet for survivability.

In summary, Artemis relies on farming early to become a late-game powerhouse. Avoid risks, play safe and focus on stacking your passive and clearing efficiently. Once Artemis has 3-4 items built, group with your team to force fights and objectives where she shines. Land abilities like Vengeful Assault and summon Tusky on squishy targets or objectives to win battles and push your lead. Artemis lacks mobility or safety on her own, so stick with her teammates for maximum effectiveness. With the right build and patient, safe play, Artemis dominates at full build and carries games!

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