Hun Batz

Hun Batz

Title: the Howler Monkey God

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: Yes

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Hun Batz Guide

In the early game, focus on scaling into the mid game. The solo lane is optimal, allowing you to farm safely and gain level advantage. Build cooldown reduction and power items early, like Warrior Tabi, Jotunn’s Wrath, and Hydra’s Lament to clear waves fast. Look for ganks mid. Proxy farm when possible, killing enemy minions behind their tower. Gain extra farm and pressure while keeping your teleport escape ready. Get blue buff for cooldown reduction, avoiding unnecessary damage.

Hun Batz works best jungle or solo. Lacks clear and CC for mid or ADC. Jungle lets you gank more, utilizing mobility. Solo provides safer farm. Consider team needs. Jungle if you need frontline or have magical solo. Counter-gank enemy jungler. Excels turning ganks around with his ultimate.

Abilities allow disrupting enemies and dealing burst damage. Somersault provides mobility to engage or escape. Engage then Overhand Smash to knock up, Sacred Monkey to slow. Cancel Monkey with a basic attack for max damage.

His ultimate, Fear No Evil, fears and damages enemies. Use to:

Initiate teamfights – Blink in and ultimate as many as possible. Follow up while feared and damaged.

Counter-initiate teamfights – If enemy dives under tower, ultimate to fear and turn the fight.

Secure objectives – Ultimate enemy off Fire Giant or Gold Fury to secure for your team.

Peel for allies – Ultimate enemies diving backline damage dealers to peel for them.

As an ability assassin, focus on picks, disrupting fights and objectives. Early help jungler clear and gank. Mid game rotate and gank often. Late game group with team. Ultimate and Overhand Smash key for engaging and peeling.

With practice, carry through efficient farming, impactful ganks and teamfight-changing ultimates. Build cooldown reduction and penetration to defeat enemies. Takes skill to master but rewarding.

In summary, Hun Batz should scale into mid game, farming safely in solo lane. Build cooldown reduction and power,clear waves and gank. Consider team needs when choosing position. Use abilities to disrupt and burst, ultimate to initiate, counter-initiate, secure objectives or peel. Focus on picks, disrupting fights and objectives. Farm, gank and group with team. Build penetration and cooldown reduction. Hard to master but can carry if done right.

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