Title: The Shining Light

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Area Damage, High Mobility

Amaterasu Guide

Amaterasu is a really strong pick, depending on the patch. I find she provides a ton of versatility and utility to round out many team compositions. She works well in the solo lane, jungle, and as a support. When played aggressively and with mastery over her kit, Amaterasu has the potential to hard-carry games through ganking, objective control, and team fighting. To truly get the most out of the shining sun warrior, focus on maximizing her farm early, building situationally based on what your team needs, and practicing to utilize her abilities optimally.

During the laning phase in any role, abuse Amaterasu’s passive as much as possible. The bonus gold and MP5 gained from being near allies allows you to gain an early advantage over your opponent. I focus on clearing the minion wave efficiently with Radiance while also poking the enemy gods. Look for opportunities to line up enemies into walls to land her Dazzling Offense for stuns, early kills, and gank setups. Amaterasu has a weaker early game, so play safe until her ultimate Dazzling Sunray comes online at level 5. Once you have your ultimate, look for opportunities to rotate and gank other lanes.

In Joust, Amaterasu provides a lot of pressure to the long lane through her auras, clear andpoke. Focus the enemy guardian or warrior and clear the wave to gain pressure. Invade the enemy blue buff early for a lead. In team fights, determine whether to peel for your damage dealers or follow up an initiation. Save your ultimate to secure kills or escape Bad situations. Build hybrid and cooldown reduction to spam your abilities.

In Arena, Amaterasu should focus on clearing the wave and poking enemies with Radiance.Stay near your team to provide your aura benefits. Build full damage and cooldown reduction to maximize your damage potential. Use all your abilities on enemies in team fights and chase low health targets with your ultimate. Constantly rotate to mid harpies and look for picks. Amaterasu provides a lot of damage and crowd control in Arena when building full damage.

In the mid game, Amaterasu’s strength starts to come online. Gank aggressively, push towers and control neutral objectives. She excels when played proactively, constantly looking for plays across the map. Her crowd control and mobility allow her to quickly join fights, securing kills for her team. During this phase, build hybrid items that provide both power and protections based on what your team needs. If I need to frontline, I build more defensively. If we need damage, I build offensively. Amaterasu’s flexibility in her build and playstyle is key.

In team fights, determine whether to initiate, follow up or peel based on your role and situation. If engaging, I like to ult in and stun priority targets with Dazzling Offense to blow them up. To follow up an allies initiation, save your abilities to burst down enemies after they have engaged. When peeling, stun any divers attacking your allies and body block them. Your auras provide benefits just from being in the fight so make sure to dive in and stay close to allies.

To maximize Amaterasu’s potential, cooldown reduction is key. Build at least a 30-40% cooldown reduction so your abilities, especially your ultimate Dazzling Sunray, are available for every engagement. Practice and master using her mobility from Glorious Charge both offensively and defensively. Know how and when to line up the perfect wall stun with Dazzling Offense. Communicate with your team so they know to follow up on your initiations or ganks. Call out your ultimate cooldown so your team does not take unfavorable fights without it available.

In my opinion, Amaterasu is an undervalued pick in SMITE. When played aggressively by someone who has mastered her kit, the sun warrior has the potential to dominate the battleground and carry her team to victory. Her flexibility and utility give her viability in multiple roles and team comps. I hope these tips help you unleash Amaterasu’s full power and the potential she has as a dominant pick!

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