Title: Keeper of Time

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: Medium Crowd Control, High Mobility

Chronos Guide

Chronos is a late game powerhouse with high outplay potential. To truly master them, focus on efficient farming and snowballing your lead.

In the laning phase, concentrate on clearing waves and poking the enemy. Your 1+2 combo obliterates minions, allowing you to pressure your opponent. Use your 3 to harass them and zone them away from the farm. Don’t hesitate to fight if your support engages, especially once you have ult. Your ult resets your health and cooldowns, so you can bait enemies into overcommitting and then punish them for it.

Chronos works best in mid and solo lane. In mid, gank side lanes once you have boots and stack Thebes to get your team ahead. In solo, proxy waves and rotate for objectives like Gold Fury. Chronos can also work in ADC in a pinch. A typical build focuses on power, pen and some defense. Since Chronos lacks mobility, positioning is key. Stay near your support and be ready to ult defensively.

Your abilities give you a lot of playmaking potential. Your 1+2 instantly clears waves while your 1 stuns enemies in fights. Use your 2 to shred tanks. Your 3 slows enemies, guaranteeing your 1 will hit. In teamfights, target the backline with your 3+1 combo to blow up squishies. Provide burst damage, then clean up low health enemies with your 2. Defend your own backline from divers.

Around objectives, Chronos dominates with high damage to shred Fire Giant, Gold Fury and towers. Use your ult to tank objectives or dive enemies under tower. In teamfights, go aggressive with your ult to reset cooldowns and health, then reengage. Repeat this to repeatedly bait out enemy abilities and come out on top.

Time your backs well and farm as much as possible. You need to hit level 20 and full build to realize your potential. Once you do, few can stand up to you. Know your damage thresholds so you dive in at the right times. Play around your ult in fights to outplay opponents. Chronos takes a lot of practice but is highly rewarding. You have the tools to take control of most situations with good timing and ability resets.

To recap, focus on safe farming, scaling into late game and maximizing your power spikes. Dominate your lane through poke and pressure, then rotate to get other lanes ahead. In fights, burst the backline, provide damage and clean up with your 2. Shred objectives and towers with your 2. Use your ult aggressively to bait out enemies and reset cooldowns. With practice, you’ll be resetting your way to victory in no time. The Keeper of Time awaits – go show them what you’ve got!

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