Title: Queen of the Banshees

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Cliodhna Guide

Cliodhna is best suited for the mid or support role in competitive play. As a mid laner, focus on clearing the minion wave as expeditiously as possible while harassing the enemy mid laner. Her 2+3 ability combination deals substantial damage, especially once you allocate a few points into her 2 for increased range. Don’t hesitate to utilize your 1 aggressively to get within range for her combination if your jungler is applying pressure nearby.

When playing Cliodhna in the support role, she pairs well with hunters who have crowd control like Neith, Cupid or Hou Yi. You have a high kill potential at level 2 if you can land her full combination. In lane, play aggressively and attempt to body block the wave to force fights. Your 1 provides an uncomplicated escape if things go awry. Outside of lane, ward objectives and roam to gank middle lane. Your ultimate is excellent for securing objectives like the Gold Fury since it fully zones the enemy team.

In team fights, your role is initiation and disruption. Look for squishy targets out of position and dive them with your 1. Your 2+3 combination will severely damage them, and the silence and slow from your 3 will allow your team to collapse on them. If multiple enemies are grouped up, don’t hesitate to ult them. The damage and zoning potential is massive. However, exercise caution when your ultimate is unavailable since it’s your only true means of escape.

Your 1 provides an excellent gap closing ability allowing you to quickly traverse walls for ganks or escape unfavorable situations with ease due to its deceptive range. Your 2, although delayed, leads targets effectively and zones them as they attempt to juke the ability, enabling your team to collapse upon them. Your 3 synergizes perfectly with your kit, applying a silence and slow, which can secure objectives like the Fire Giant and Gold Fury by hindering the enemy jungler and support. Your ultimate, despite its lengthy duration and significant damage, should not be reserved exclusively for multiple enemies or kills, as its moderate cooldown allows it to be used for a single target if necessary.

For builds, start with Guardian’s Blessing and rush Gauntlet of Thebes for protections and health. Then build situational auras like Sovereignty, Heartward Amulet or Shogun’s Kusari. Finish with relics like Shell, Horrific Emblem or Blink Rune. You want to be tanky so you can dive in and cause chaos without being demolished.

Practice the timing and aim of her 2+3 combination in the Jungle Practice map. Consistently landing it will make you an immense threat. Your passive rewards aggressive play by providing movement speed for hitting enemies with abilities. Use it to quickly reposition in team fights or chase down kills.

Cliodhna rewards an aggressive playstyle and fast reflexes. Land your abilities, wreak havoc in team fights and help your team secure objectives. While her laning phase is strong, she truly shines later in the match where her damage and crowd control can dominate team fights. Play her like an annoying pest, constantly bothering enemies and avoiding damage with your movement speed and leap. If you master Cliodhna’s combination and properly position her ultimate, you’ll be dominating team fights in no time!

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