Title: The Great Dreamer

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage

Cthulhu Guide

Optimal Laning Phase Strategies

As Cthulhu, your priority in the early game should be stacking your passive, The Infinite. Focus on clearing lane minions and poking the enemy solo laner. Use your 2, Rend, to hit the whole wave and proc item effects like Soul Gem or Gem of Iso. Once the minion wave is cleared, look for opportunities to hit the enemy with your 1, Void Call, or your Ultimate, The Gate of the Sun. Don’t be too aggressive though, since Cthulhu is not very mobile and can be ganked easily. Play safe, build your stacks, and get to level 5 so you can make an impact in team fights.

Ideal Positions and Team Comps

Cthulhu excels in the solo lane, as he needs levels and farm to be effective. He can work in mid lane, but struggles against high-pressure mages. Cthulhu pairs well with setup comps that have good crowd control, like Athena, Hades, or Ymir. Allies with movement abilities can engage fights for Cthulhu to follow up. Avoid picking Cthulhu with a squishy team that lacks frontline or CC. Cthulhu needs a team that can capitalize on the chaos from his ultimate.

Ability Tips and Tricks

Your 1, Void Call, slows enemies and reduces their damage output. Use it on key targets in team fights to weaken them before they can deal damage. Your 2, Rend, has a wide area of effect, so aim to hit as many enemies as possible to build your passive stacks quickly. Your 3, Descend into Madness, fears enemies and buffs your other abilities. Use it aggressively in lane to force your opponent back to base. In team fights, try to hit multiple enemies with the fear to scatter their positioning.

Your ultimate, The Gate of the Sun, creates an area that damages and maddens enemies. Use it in narrow jungle corridors or near objectives to zone enemies and secure the objective. The madness effect causes enemies to attack each other, so try to hit their damage dealers to turn them against their own team. Always deploy the gate in a spot that cuts off the enemy’s escape path for maximum impact.

Role and Synergy

As Cthulhu, your role is to initiate fights, disrupt enemies, and control space for your team. Look for opportunities to dive the backline and pressure damage dealers and squishies. Cthulhu excels when focusing on peeling, locking down, and zoning priority targets. Rely on your support and solo laner to provide additional frontline. Cthulhu works best when coordinating his ultimate and abilities with allies that can follow up on his engages. Communicate with your team to get the most out of Cthulhu’s disruptive playstyle.

Shorthand Terms: Ult for The Gate of the Sun (Cthulhu’s ultimate ability), Fear for Descend into Madness (Cthulhu’s 3rd ability)

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