Title: The Ascendant Warrior

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Area Damage

Mulan Guide

Mulan excels in the solo lane, where players should focus on clearing minion waves and poking the enemy solo laner with Abilities 1 and 2. Use Ability 3 defensively to avoid ganks since Mulan lacks mobility. Take buff camps between waves to gain a level advantage.

Mulan fits best in the solo lane as a frontliner who can also jungle or support depending on team needs. As a solo laner, build Mulan with a bruiser style using items such as Warrior’s Blessing, Gladiator’s Shield and Void Shield. As a support, build tanky with Relic Dagger and Mantle of Discord. For jungle, focus on damage and cooldown reduction. Mulan adapts to most team comps but excels when your team needs a tanky frontline or additional damage.

For abilities, use Ability 1 to clear waves and poke enemies. Combo Ability 1 with Ability 2 for maximum damage. Save Ability 3 for escaping ganks or chasing kills. In teamfights, initiate with your ultimate to disrupt the enemy team. Then, use Abilities 1 and 2 to damage and slow priority targets. Use Ability 3 to chase or peel for allies as needed.

Mulan’s role is to frontline for the team and set up plays. Early game, focus on farming and rotating to mid camps and objectives like the Gold Fury. During teamfights, dive the enemy backline with your ultimate and look to single out and eliminate enemy damage dealers or peel for your damage dealers. Secure objectives like the Fire Giant by zoning enemies away with abilities. Help your jungler gank duo lane and middle lane when your lane is pushed up. Communicate with your team and make calls to maximize Mulan’s playmaking potential.

In Joust, Mulan can bully opponents early with her wave clear and poke damage. Contest red buff at level 1 with your team, then focus on clearing wave and poking enemies out of lane. Rotate to buff camps when possible and gank middle lane to get early kills. Build hybrid damage and defense items like Runeforged Hammer, Void Shield and Ancile.

In Arena, focus on initiating teamfights with your ultimate and high damage combos. Build mostly damage with some defense like Warrior’s Blessing, Jotunn’s Wrath, and Titan’s Bane. Blink is a great relic for engaging from range. Look for opportunities to single out enemy damage dealers or mages. Use abilities to control space around objectives like the Arena buff camps.

Mulan has a high skill ceiling, but following these tips will help any player succeed with the Grapple Master in competitive SMITE modes. Please let me know if you have any other questions! I would be happy to help explain anything about Mulan in SMITE.

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