He Bo

He Bo

Title: God of the Yellow River

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A+

Pros: High Area Damage, Medium Crowd Control

He Bo Guide

He Bo is a burst mage excelling in the mid lane. His high damage allows dominating the early game, pressuring mid and invading the jungle.

In laning phase, clear with your 1 and 3, poking the enemy mid. Look to 3 into 1 combo them for big damage. At level 5 your kill potential spikes. Bait escapes if possible, then ult into 3,1 combo for first blood. With pressure, invade red or oracles with your jungler.

He Bo works best mid as his short range and immobility make him an easy gank in side lanes. Pair with aggressive junglers like Da Ji or Awilix who follow up on your damage. Build power, pen and CDR to maximize ability damage. Spear of The Magus is core.

Your 1 clears waves and pressures your opponent. Use on cooldown. Your 3 knocks up and boosts damage on enemies hit. Bait escapes before using if possible. Your ult provides mobility and area damage. Use to finish low enemies, steal objectives or escape bad situations.

In teamfights you deal burst damage. 3, 1 combo enemy damage dealers or squishies to eliminate them quickly. Your ult can zone enemies from objectives or split the team. Help your support peel by knocking up and bursting divers. Secure objectives like Gold Fury by bursting with your abilities. You provide little objective push so group when possible.

Your team relies on your huge magical damage and pick potential. Early game, pressure mid and invade with your jungler. Mid to late game, group for objectives and push. Look for picks on out of position enemies, bursting before teamfights for a numbers advantage. Your damage and zone control are vital for success.

Mastering He Bo takes practice. His burst and ability to pressure mid and control teamfights greatly impacts games when played aggressively. Learn matchups, damage thresholds and combos. You’ll dominate mid and carry teams to victory!

Focus on quickly clearing the initial wave to gain lane pressure. Look for opportunities to chunk your opposing laner through calculated pokes with your three and follow up ones. at level two look for a kill opportunity if your opposing mid overextends without escape abilities up, utilizing your ult if needed to secure the kill or force a back. With a lead, prioritize stealing the enemy red buff and back camps to further pressure the map.

Rotate with your jungler when available, He Bo’s raw damage output paired with most meta junglers guarantees kills on overextended side laners or enemy junglers. Carefully track escape and CC abilities of your gank targets, waiting until they are down before committing to fights. In the late game, group with your team for objectives and towers but avoid prolonged front to back team fight engagements. Your ultimate provides mobility allowing you to skirt around fights until major cooldowns have been committed before decimating low health enemies for quick picks.

In team fights, your role is eliminating the enemy backline and squishy targets before they can impact the fight. Look for opportunities to dive the enemy damage dealers or healers, using your 3 for the knock up and following up with your 1 for maximum burst. Be very careful not to over commit when abilities and actives are down, He Bo relies heavily on them for damage and self peel. Kite around the outskirts of fights and re-engage as your cooldowns come back up. With your ultimate you can zone enemies from objectives or split an enemy team, using the massive AOE damage to deter opponents and secure your team objectives.

Carefully balance farming and grouping, do not over commit to long engagements without purpose. He Bo requires farm to stay relevant but provides huge damage when built. Take every opportunity available to steal farm from your enemy and further your lead. Most importantly, understand your damage potential and limits. Knowing when you can dive into a fight for a quick kill and get out untouched separates average and great He Bo players. With time and practice, you will dominate with the God of the Yellow River.

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