Title: The Sleeping Giant

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: Yes

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Kumbhakarna Guide

To prevail with Kumbhakarna in the early game, focus on clearing minion waves as rapidly as possible. Utilize your 1 to damage the entire wave, then basic attack the ranged creeps. Once you hit level 2, look for a kill opportunity with your combo. Blink in, use your 3 to root them, basic attack, then use your 1 and 2. This combination deals immense damage and will usually net you first blood.

Kumbhakarna excels in the solo lane and as a support. In solo, build tanky and look to proxy farm between towers to gain an advantage. As support, build aura items and dive the backline. Kumbhakarna has great peel for your carries with his 3, and performs well fighting in jungle corridors where his 1 and 2 can hit multiple enemies.

Your 1 is your primary clear and poke. Use it on waves or to poke out enemies. Your 2 is a great initiate or escape. Blink in, 2 to knock up, then follow up with your combo. Your 3 is key for control. Root enemies interrupting objectives or root a jungle invade to secure a kill. Always look to pluck out of position enemies with your 3.

Your role is initiation and peel. Blink in and use your 2 to knock up as many enemies as possible, then 3 to root others. This allows your team to follow up. In team fights, look to isolate a squishy target with your 3 to secure a quick kill. Use your 1 to damage the whole enemy team. Your passive gives you great survivability, so don’t hesitate to dive in as long as your team can follow up.

Kumbhakarna excels at disrupting team fights and isolating key targets. Early game, focus on clearing quickly then look for kills with your combo. Your high base damage and crowd control make you a formidable force. Build tanky, relying on crowd control reduction (CCR) and health. Blink is core to engage. With practice, you’ll be putting enemies to sleep and securing victories in no time!

To expand further, Kumbhakarna’s laning phase and early game are critically important to master in order to prevail and gain an advantage. Carefully manage your mana by only using abilities when necessary to clear waves or look for kills. Basic attacking the wave in between using abilities is key. Once you have blink, look for opportunities to gank other lanes using your combo for immense burst damage, then return to your lane before losing too much farm.

In team fights, Kumbhakarna should function as an initiator and distruptor. Look to blink in and hit as many enemies as possible with your 2 to knock them up, following up with your 1 for damage and 3 for additional crowd control. Isolate squishy damage dealers and mages with your 3 to remove them from the fight. Your ultimate can also be used for additional initiation or peel. Place it to cut off escape routes or re-direct the enemy team’s movement. With brisk reaction times and mastery of ability combos, Kumbhakarna can substantially impact team fights and skirmishes.

Overall, dominate laning phase, farm efficiently, build tanky, and disrupt team fights. Knock up enemies for your team to eliminate targets, and make picks with your 3. Peel for allies and cut off escapes with your ultimate. Kumbhakarna rewards strategic players who can make the most of his crowd control and tanky strengths to greatly benefit their team. Follow these tips and you’ll carry as the mighty Kumbhakarna!

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