Title: Serpent of the Nine Winds

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Area Damage, Pusher

Kukulkan Guide

To truly master the Mayan god of the wind, Kukulkan, one must dominate with poke damage and zone control across all game modes. In Conquest, focus on clearing mid lane with Whirlwind to gain early gold and experience advantages over your opponent. Drop the whirlwind on the entire minion wave and try to catch the enemy god in its radius, forcing them to back and allowing you to gain level leads.

Kukulkan reigns supreme in the joust map, able to wipe out waves and shred enemy health bars with well-placed whirlwinds. In joust, clear minion waves with Whirlwind and then poke at the enemy to gain an early lead. Once you’ve gained a few levels, look for opportunities to combo your ultimate and whirlwind, which can potentially one-shot squishy enemies. Build cooldown reduction to spam abilities, and invest in penetration items to shred through enemy defenses.

In the Arena, Kukulkan can control team fights by splitting up enemies and securing kills on low health targets trying to escape. Spam Whirlwind to control objectives like buff camps or the Arena portal, zoning enemies away. Look to combo your ultimate with ally crowd control abilities to burst down enemies. Buy items with high power and lots of cooldown reduction.

In all modes, Kukulkan’s role is damage and control. In the mid and late game team fights, drop Whirlwind on as many enemies as possible, activate your Zephyr for increased movement speed and ranged auto attacks, and kite around the fight while spamming abilities.Your ultimate, Spirit of the Nine Winds, is critical for spliting enemy teams, securing objectives like tower sieges, the Gold Fury or Fire Giant, or finishing off escaping enemies in any mode.

A generic build for Kukulkan includes: Shoes of Focus/Magi, Book of Thoth, Spear of Desolation, Chronos’ Pendant, Obsidian Shard and Rod of Tahuti. This provides power, cooldown, penetration and mana sustain. You can also build Divine Ruin if enemy healers are a problem. As always, build situationally based on your opponents.

Pair with aggressive supports and front liners like Athena, whose taunts can set up devastating Whirlwind and ultimate combos. Rely on your Zephyr speed boost to avoid getting caught out of position, as Kukulkan is slow moving. Master placement of Whirlwind and timing of Spirit of the Nine Winds. Push lanes, gank side lanes and contest objectives as a team by zoning enemies away from contested areas.

With practice dominating in the joust arena and battleground lanes, you can truly become a master of Kukulkan, raising storms and vanquishing all who oppose you. Tactical use of abilities and passive will shred enemy health bars and control the flow of matches, allowing Kukulkan to dominate ranked and competitive play. Harness the winds, and claim victory.

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