Title: God of the Sky

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: SS

Pros: High Area Damage

Zeus Guide

In the early game, focus on farming minions and poking the enemy duo lane with your lightning bolts whenever possible. Tag them with your static at lvl 1 to slow them down and make it easier to land bolts. Don’t waste too much mana in the first few waves though since you’ll need it for fighting over the red buff. Around lvl 3 is when you want to start being aggressive and look for a kill. If your support sets up a good CC, burst them down with your 1, 3 and basics. Once you get your ultimate at lvl 5, ganks become very easy. Bait the enemy duo into chasing you then drop your ult on them once they’re out of position. Even if you don’t get a kill, the pressure from your ult will force them to back off and allow you to invade their jungle or take objectives.

The best positions to pick for Zeus and how to adapt to various team compositions.Zeus is almost always played in the mid lane as a burst mage in the early to mid game and transitions into more of a damage-over-time mage late game. Sometimes you’ll need to lane against a physical god mid, in which case build some extra physical protections. Build full damage otherwise.

Zeus pairs well with most team comps thanks to his huge team fight presence but synergizes especially well with teams that have a lot of CC. Gods like Geb, Khepri, Poseidon, Hun Batz, etc. will allow you to confirm your burst damage more easily. Play back and wait for your front line to initiate, then follow up with damage.

If the enemy team has a lot of dive, like Susano and Kali, tell your support or solo laner to peel for you. Buy Purification Bead and Aegis Amulet as your relics to avoid getting locked down. Stay close to your support at all times in team fights. Zeus dominates team fights, especially in the mid game, so grouping up and forcing objectives or fights is key to success with him.

Look for opportunities to deal massive damage with your ultimate, as it can easily turn a team fight in your favor. Try combining it with other AOE ults like Poseidon’s Release the Kraken for huge burst. Be very careful about using your escape (Aegis Amulet) since if you get locked down after using it, you’re very vulnerable. Instead, rely on your support to peel attackers off of you.

In the late game, Zeus transitions to more of a damage over time mage. His ultimate cooldown gets very low, so you can use it to zone enemies, force them into bad positions, or set up kills for your team. Your 2 and 3 abilities will be maxed, dealing huge amounts of damage over their duration. Stay in the back line during fights and continue dishing out damage. Look for opportunities to hit multiple enemies with your abilities to gain huge value in team fights.

With some practice, you’ll overwhelm and conquer other players with Zeus using these strategies. Focus on dominating your lane opponent in the early game, transitioning into a team fight monster in the mid game, and morphing into a damage over time beast in the late game.

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